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Company size (employees)15
Headquarters RegionEurope


Our primary objective is to deliver powerful solutions to any cyber security challenge that our clients face, now or in the near future. In order to continue to be one of the leading independent cyber security consulting firms we continually refine our services, and our approach, to match the latest threats and to position ourselves and our clients in the best place against the emerging trends. Our strategic advisory and training solutions delivered by our team of Virtual CISOs ensure that companies are protected against cyber threats at a corporate-level whilst our highly trained penetration testers will ensure a company’s defences are up to scratch, and any weakness spotted and fixed.

Our commercial growth has been fuelled by a 300% increase in sales this year, and we have reinvested that cash into the business by taking on new, larger offices right in the heart of London, and hiring more staff. We are hiring grassroots talent out of university, as well taking on experienced hands and senior managers. Each new member of our team has brought fresh ideas and new thinking, as well as a passion for helping clients. Our culture is extremely positive, passionate and is helping us to maintain a post-project client approval rating of more than 97%.

This year our team have been featured in The Times and our experts have been hosted on Sky News.

How we are different

1. Over the last three years 2-sec has designed brand new innovative services which have taken cutting-edge training out to our clients. We have worked with a range of companies to significantly improve the rates of cyber security awareness from the low 10-25% up to 80-85%+. Our creative and unique training solutions have overhauled the ways that FTSE250 companies and board members think about cyber security.
2. Whilst other firms have increasingly become product-based solution sellers, 2-sec has maintained a strong business-led partner to clients. We work with CFO, CIO and CEO clients to ensure cyber security challenges are understood as business-issues, with associated risk profiling, regulatory landscaping and competitor index-linking forming the core of our post-test analysis for clients.
3. As a consultancy, our staff form the core of our business. We have been able to grow from by 200% over the last two years, whilst maintaining 100% retention of staff. We invest in our staff via training, industry engagements and ongoing PDPs, which mean that our clients receive the very best service available.