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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


We have developed a new and global solution for call validation for operators – AB Handshake. This solution was developed for MNO’s, MVNO’s, Virtual PBX service providers and for applications that use SIP agents for call origination. Our solution eliminates the slightest possibility of Robocalls, CLI Spoofing, Interconnect Bypass, Call duration manipulation, etc. infiltrating the traffic unnoticed. It is achieved through a real-time exchange of call event details between the originating and terminating operators through an encrypted out-of-band operator-to-operator channel with comparison of call details and exchange of comparison results. AB Handshake allows the determination of actual call details with 100% accuracy. This completely eliminates any potential damage from most fraud types.
The fraud attack will be detected and negated before damage is done and its source will be precisely determined. All data about calls and fraud attempts is thoroughly logged which makes it possible to use this documented information in disputes with other operators.
Additionally, our solution stands out from its competitors thanks to being not just a system of statistical prediction but rather a complex solution to the existing problem since it provides information about the traffic in real-time and not just by indicating if traffic might be potentially fraudulent.

How we are different

- AB Handshake Corporation has created a completely new technology that can be a game-changer in the fight against fraud. It is real-time, 100% accurate and easy to integrate. AB Handshake Corporation is providing a solution installed within the operator’s security perimeter and complies with security and personal data processing requirements. Besides the company has been founded only in august 2020, the solution is fully tested and ready to implement. The solution is unique and enables global cooperation between all players in telecom traffic exchange: Mobile operators, Fixed line operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Virtual PBX service providers, Skype-like applications using SIP agents.
- AB Handshake Corporation is changing the approach to anti-fraud tools on a global scale by promoting a new paradigm of collective security and building a fraud-free community. The mission of the company is not only to prevent fraudulent traffic, but to rebuild the trust among the telco companies. Simplicity is key to our approach. The out-of-band approach adopted by the AB Handshake creates a circle of trust that is easier to implement than relying on in-band technologies to change the protocols for SIP signaling.
- AB Handshake Corporation has created an offer unrivaled in terms of cost-effectiveness, scalability and the ability to adapt to the customers’ needs and requirements.The solution AB Handshake Corporation presents is very cost-effective - the servers for the number registries are the only hardware cost for the AB Handshake, and there would be no changes to the way other telco systems function.The core of the solution is the prevention of the fraud occurrence within the traffic in real time, not the post-fraud statistical analysis