Abnormal Security: Securing Your Cloud Email

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Abnormal Security is a risk-aware AI-based security platform that lets you put email security on auto pilot. Modern email attacks are changing daily, becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. Business email compromise alone resulted in $43+ billion in exposed losses since 2016, and attackers are now shifting their strategies, finding ways beyond inbound email to attack the entire email platform.

Abnormal is rethinking cloud security and is committed to protecting our customers from all types of email attacks—with the highest efficacy. As a behavioral AI platform, Abnormal learns the behavior of every identity by ingesting thousands of diverse signals derived from an API integration with the cloud email platform. It also uncovers the normal behavior of every vendor in the supply chain, compiling attributes like bank information, invoicing software and cadence, and key contacts.

The platform understands context, continuously analyzing how identities behave in relationship to one another by examining signals such as communication frequency, topic, and tone, and develops relationship graphs amongst them. And based on this information, Abnormal can assess the risk of every event to identify anomalies with high precision.

As a result, Abnormal is the only platform that offers high-efficacy protection and automatic remediation for the full spectrum of inbound email attacks. And it’s the first platform to build behavioral profiles of your employees, third-party applications, and email tenants to monitor them for configuration changes and highlight anomalous behavior.

This is why more than 10% of the Fortune 500 trust Abnormal to protect their email, and why the average organization receives 278% ROI based on the Forrester Total Economic Impact study.

This isn’t security as usual. This is Abnormal.

How we are different

- Abnormal is rethinking cloud security, recognizing that there are no silver bullets to preventing cybercrime. We are committed to protecting our customers from all types of email attacks, both inbound and email platform attacks, with the highest efficacy. By taking a different approach, using thousands of signals and behavioral AI to baseline known behavior, Abnormal can detect anomalies in inbound email and throughout the entire email environment that other solutions miss. Our platform finds the never-before-seen attacks and remediates them, so end users never have to decide what is safe, and so security leaders can feel confident that their organizations are protected from new attacks.
- In addition to the core platform, Abnoraml is the only email security solution that provides a database for administrators to review the people, vendors, third-party applications, and tenants within their ecosystem. By providing insight into each of these categories, Abnormal can detect when there are changes across one of them and provide insight into it so security teams can acknowledge the configuration drift and take downstream action as necessary.
- The product works and our customers love us. We have more than 125 reviews on Gartner Peer Insights, with a 4.8 rating and 99% recommendation rate. As one customer says, "Abnormal Security provides our organization with a robust and highly automated email security solution. This was proven when we went from having hundreds of spam/phishing campaigns hit our organization a year to near zero after deployment. As an administrator, Abnormal has removed tasks from our daily workload, including abuse mailbox review and intervention. This is thanks to its AI automation and high effectiveness of detecting/resolving potential threats. Saving us time, money and giving all in the company peace of mind."