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Access Verification Solution Vision

A world without financial fraud, identity theft, pincodes and tokens .
Access Verification Solution realize the importance of our partnerships and are committed to provide the best biometric solution available.
As part of our integration process, we work with your company to meet every requirement with our customized technology.
The system is developed to work with a variety of biometric devices; the software is specifically designed to be integrated into existing platforms.

Our Mission

To create a successful and sustainable business proposition through the delivery of convenient and highly secure products and services for all methods of payment and identity protection for a verious kind of businesses and ad a affordable price.
Our open SSL is a “multi-channel” structure.

In its effort to improve product standards to keep up with ever-changing technologies, Access verification Solutions puts the priority on research and development, while it might be impossible to stop hackers from entering computer systems, the goal is to limit the information they can obtain.

The effectiveness of biometric technology, particularly fingerprint, face and voice, has been proven to bring a lot of benefits in areas such as financially web based security, e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Business, Banking and Finance, Public Transportation, Online login to trading platforms, Gambling and crowdfunding.
Access Verification Solutions developed the AVS-finger, AVS-face, AVS-iris, AVS-palm, AVS-voice, AVS-access and the AVS-TA (time and attandance) using the AVS-card for your convinience.

When identity thieves have access to biometrics and cybersecurity experts announce that obtaining biometric data is the worst aspect of theft , then we need to reconsider our security protocols.
AVS Web-based Biometrics is a simple solution to identify or verify users, a user friendly system that can be implemented on the existing hardware of the user.
The identification, verification or authentication can be done by using face or fingerprint Biometric technology.

How we are different

• Something the user knows (e.g. password, PIN), and
• Something the user has (e.g. security token, smart card); and/or
• Something the user is (e.g. finger, voice or face).


“We thrive on truly understanding your business, on seeing what your organization needs.
Time and time again, I witness how using a customized security solution makes a real difference, allowing you time to complete tasks and run your business efficiently,” said the CEO and founder of Access Verification Solutions. “We are passionate about IT and become part of your team without the added costs of hiring an in-house IT department.

Every company envisions how they would like their operations to run; let us convert your visions using biometric SSL security to execute your ideas.”
“Biometric SSL the ultimate safety for your business, privacy and confidence done right, safeguard what matters to you.”
With an attention to detail, design, usability and quality, Access Verification Solutions products represent a completely new dimension in validating transactions for financial and security conscious professionals and end users alike.

1 integration, 1 platform, all biometrics
When identity thieves have access to biometrics and cybersecurity experts announce that obtaining biometric data is the worst aspect of theft , then we need to reconsider our security protocols.
Biometrics are for life, you cannot change your biometrics.
For AVS Biometrics there is a "NO GO" policy when the data from users are stored together with the biometric data without an extra 2-way authentication system.
If we implement biometrics without protecting your identity, we haven't learned anything from the past.
Protect your future with AVS Biometric SSL Security

The Biometric SSL service provided by AVS can be used for a wide range of organizations and services including those by Governments, Non-Government organizations as well as those who frequently use online services like Banking and Financial institutions, Healthcare Institutions, e-Business/e-Commerce, Forex, Gambling