Action1 RMM — Free Cloud Patch Management Solution For Internal IT Teams and MSPs

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Overall 62% of small and mid-size organizations suffered a security incident during the past year involving a known vulnerability that had not been mitigated even though a patch was available, according to a recent Action1 survey. With hundreds of patches being issued daily and the patching process more complex due to remote work, it’s no surprise that many organizations struggle to deploy patches promptly. SMBs are among the most vulnerable, since they often lack automated patch management tools and must rely on legacy on-premises IT management tools and VPN, which make patching cumbersome and time-consuming.

To help, Action1 provides a free license for its cloud-native RMM platform to all organizations with up to 50 endpoints. There are no limitations or hidden costs, so SMBs enjoy all the benefits of Action1 RMM. In particular, they can establish robust patch management for OS and third-party software, mitigating the risk of delays that give hackers a window to exploit known vulnerabilities. Automated, customizable workflows make it easy to schedule update deployment at convenient times and give users flexibility about when their machine will reboot. The platform even helps IT teams prioritize the most critical patches.

To further improve security, Action1 RMM provides IT teams with visibility into all remote and in-office endpoints and helps them identify and remove outdated software to reduce risk. SMBs can also take advantage of other valuable Action1 RMM features, such as software deployment, endpoint management, and remote desktop access.

Indeed, Action1 is the only vendor that provides small businesses with a free license for a cloud-native RMM that has the same capabilities as the standard license. That is why it should win this award.

How we are different

• Complete functionality without limitations or hidden costs. With the free version of Action1 RMM, small businesses can enjoy all the same benefits as their bigger counterparts. The free license does not have any limitations or ads and never expires, and Action1 does not sell or monetize users’ data. Plus, the platform is intuitive and easy to use, saving small businesses from having to invest their limited time and effort in the extensive training that other tools require.

• Real-time visibility into endpoints. The free version of Action1 RMM monitors and manages all of an organization's remote and in-office endpoints in real time. In particular, it gives IT teams real-time visibility into vulnerabilities by proactively identifying missing updates for both OS and third-party software and providing a detailed inventory of installed software that helps IT pros detect outdated or unapproved applications that they might otherwise have never known about. In addition, the platform alerts IT teams about suspicious events happening across their endpoints, so they can respond in time to prevent a breach or compliance violation.

• Proactive risk mitigation. With the free version of Action1 RMM, IT teams at small businesses can establish a robust patch management program that helps ensure that known vulnerabilities are remediated on all endpoints before hackers can exploit them. Intelligent automated workflows make it easy to prioritize deployment of the most critical updates and schedule update deployment for convenient times. IT teams can even remotely replace unwanted software with approved applications to eliminate additional vulnerabilities. And all this can be achieved without the effort and expense of complex scripting.