Action1 — the #1 Secure and Easy-to-Use Cloud RMM For Modern IT Environments with Hybrid Workforce

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Effectively managing and monitoring endpoints is vital to a strong security posture, as most cyberattacks involve endpoints. But the shift to remote and hybrid work has made endpoint management challenging for IT teams, since legacy on-premises approaches to IT management are cumbersome and time-consuming when endpoints are remote. As a result, IT teams are searching for a powerful remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool that provides the visibility and control they need. Moreover, to rein in complexity, they want a solution that addresses multiple goals, including remote IT support. And, of course, the solution must be highly secure.

Action1 RMM addresses all of these needs. This cloud-native, all-in-one RMM platform provides IT teams with real-time visibility into their remote and in-office endpoints, along with the power to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in time to avoid security incidents and maintain business continuity. Moreover, Action1 RMM is versatile, consolidating patch management, software deployment, endpoint management, IT asset inventory reporting, and a built-in remote desktop. The tool’s intelligent and customizable automated workflows empower IT teams to mitigate security risk by promptly deploying patches for OS and third-party software, and spotting and removing unwanted software. Plus, IT teams can even remotely support users, right from the same interface. The platform is protected with multifactor authentication (MFA) and its connections are encrypted.

With Action1 RMM, MSPs and IT departments can automate a significant part of their IT routine, as well as detect and remediate vulnerabilities, perform maintenance tasks, and deliver excellent IT support in a few clicks. Thus, the solution not only helps organizations improve their security posture, but also increase operational effectiveness and drive business growth — making it an appropriate choice for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022.

How we are different

Here are three reasons how Action1 RMM stands above competitors:

• Proactive risk mitigation. Delays in patching operating systems and third-party software gives hackers the opportunity to exploit known vulnerabilities. With Action1 RMM, IT teams can dramatically reduce that window of risk by establishing a robust patch management program that ensures all patches are installed in a timely manner — without having to write complex scripts. Plus, they do not have to manage any integrations or install additional agents to manage updates for common third-party software applications because Action1 pre-packages and manages those updates. They can also minimize business disruptions by using Action1 RMM’s customizable policies to schedule patch deployment for convenient times and give users flexibility about when their machines will reboot.

• IT efficiency through automated workflows and short learning curve. With Action1 RMM, IT teams can establish flexible workflows to automate essential endpoint management tasks across thousands of devices in bulk, including spotting and remediating issues like missing updates, installation of suspicious software or connection of USB devices. Even better, they do not have to write complex scripts to build these workflows — the platform is so easy to use that IT teams can quickly achieve their goals and onboard new hires rapidly.

• Streamlined patching, endpoint management, and IT support in one platform. With Action1 RMM, users do not have to juggle different tools to manage and monitor their endpoints and support their employees remotely. They can manage updates and software, deploy and remove applications, monitor the state of their IT assets, perform maintenance, and resolve IT support requests — all from a single interface. This helps them save hours every week, increase operational effectiveness, and have time to focus on more strategic initiatives.