Agari: Breaking Legacy Models to Nab the Bad Guys

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


The entire email security industry is focused on looking for malicious content and emails with a bad reputation. Cybercrooks have figured this out and altered their tactics. Legacy email security companies haven’t changed, even though criminal tactics have changed. In contrast, Agari has broken away from traditional thinking. Its novel approach presents a new way forward by modeling good email behaviors and sender/receiver attributes to understand trust relationships at the forensic level. By modeling the good, Agari protects against dynamic and evolving phishing threats, many of which have never before been seen. Many of these threats have no recognizable digital signatures or they activate post-delivery, so they easily slip past legacy defenses. Agari can even identify latent threats. In other words, Agari can go back in time and find dangerous emails that are lying in wait in unsuspecting company inboxes. Agari founder and CEO is the inventor of the DMARC email authentication technology, which today is the universal standard used by a majority of companies and government agencies worldwide. Agari’s approach works. It experienced 197% growth in EMEA in 2019, for example, and is the go-to email security provider for the Fortune 1000. Its first customer, one of the biggest banks in the world, is still a customer today; its first employee is still an employee today (10 years later).

How we are different

-Agari models the relationship between sender and receiver based on "good" emails; known relationships (its competitors model "bad" emails, which mutate and change so frequently it is a Sisyphean task).

-Agari has a dedicated threat research team (ACID) that actively engages with cybercriminals to understand their motives, work with the FBI and USSS to nab cybergangs, and also to gain valuable data. This real-world threat data available only to Agari is built into Agari products, which gives Agari customers the ability to defend their companies in real-time, anticipate threats coming around the corner, and protect their brands and customers from phishing attacks and known bad actors.

- Agari's Identity Graph is a high-performance database of relationships and behavioral patterns between individuals, brands, businesses, and domains using hundreds of characteristics to define trusted communications. It authenticates 2+ trillion emails annually, learns and models behavioral relationships daily of 50k+ new domains, and creates trust scores for messages versus expected behaviors through 300+ million machine learning model updates daily. Agari’s catch rate is 99.9%.