AKATI Sekurity

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia


The BlackHawk iSOC of AKATI Sekurity exemplifies excellence in managed security service provision, blending sophisticated XDR and SIEM technologies with advanced analytics and machine learning to monitor and protect networks effectively.

Operating 24/7/365, our service includes comprehensive monitoring of security and network traffic, darkweb activity, and incident response capabilities. Our team employs a proactive approach to cybersecurity, adapting continuously to the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

From real-time threat intelligence to IoT and IT operations monitoring, the BlackHawk iSOC is a complete cybersecurity solution designed for the modern digital landscape, ensuring that our clients’ data and networks are always protected.

How we are different

Beyond Traditional Managed Services:
AKATI Sekurity transcends traditional MSSP offerings by forging true partnerships with clients, providing not just services but comprehensive cyber defense strategies that protect against the most sophisticated threats.

Proactive Content Management and Threat Mitigation:
Our iSOC doesn’t just monitor; it actively engages in taking down malicious content and implementing preventative measures to ensure continuous protection against future threats, reinforcing our clients' cybersecurity resilience.

Advanced Threat Context and Responsive Action:
With our expert team’s ability to provide complete threat context, AKATI Sekurity enables clients to understand and prioritize threats, ensuring that responses are swift and informed by the latest intelligence, thereby minimizing potential disruptions and damages.