AKATI Sekurity BlackHawk CSOC Team 

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia


The AKATI Sekurity BlackHawk iSOC Team is the go-to group for all things security related. They monitor SIEM alerts and configure security monitoring tools, prioritize and investigate any potential security issues, conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, and track industry news, threat intelligence, and security data. It’s their mission to keep malicious threats out of networks and take swift action against any vulnerabilities or security gaps. On top of that, the BlackHawk iSOC security engineering team develops smart solutions and tools designed to protect organizations from any disruption of operations or malicious attack.

How we are different

1. Leadership: The AKATI Sekurity BlackHawk iSOC team potrays exceptional leadership in its field known for its remarkable level of skill and expertise. The team's systematic organizational structure and technical savvy have allowed the team to accurately identify, address, and respond to cybersecurity threats. The iSOC's leadership and technical acumen have enabled the team to stay ahead of any potential cyber security risks. BlackHawk iSOC's leadership has been integral to the team's success in creating a secure and safe space for all.

2. Trust: AKATI Sekurity has established the BlackHawk iSOC Team as a key player in its cyber security services. The Team's commitment to the field has provided assurance to customers that their systems are in good hands. People can trust BlackHawk iSOC to protect their data and networks from malicious activity. The expertise and dedication that the Team has shown to their work has been invaluable in helping BlackHawk iSOC build a solid reputation for cyber security. The Team's leadership's passion for the field has earned the trust of clients who rely on the security services AKATI Sekurity provides. It is clear to see the impact of the Team's dedication has had in making BlackHawk iSOC a trusted source for cyber security operations centre services.

3. Partnerships and Integrations: The AKATI Sekurity BlackHawk iSOC's Leadership has been proactive in seeking out partnerships with industry experts to create more refined defensive tactics and thus achieving seamless SOAR integrations.