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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia


AKATI Sekurity is a leader in the cyber security space, renowned for offering top-of-the-line defence operations and development of cyber defence centres. With decades of experience in safeguarding against cyber threats as well as conducting computer forensics investigations, this firm has been instrumental in helping numerous banks and businesses across the globe identify, respond to, and neutralise data breaches.

From providing one-stop-shop security solutions to creating tailored strategies to combat cyber threats, AKATI Sekurity is dedicated to protecting organisations from any unwelcome intrusions. Offering a wide array of services, ranging from Risk Assessments, to Incident Response, to Business Resilience, their unrivaled knowledge and expertise in the field of cyber security is highly sought after.

The team at AKATI Sekurity also understands the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest security technologies, and works hard to ensure that their clients are equipped with the necessary tools and solutions to stay secure from present-day cyber attacks. This combined with their comprehensive security services, makes them the perfect partner in the fight against cybercrime.

Whether you’re looking to prevent data breaches or need help responding to an incident, the team at AKATI Sekurity is here to assist. With their exceptional knowledge and dedication to staying ahead of the curve in terms of security technology, their clients are sure to benefit from the very best protection available in the market.

How we are different

1.    AKATI Sekurity provides advanced cyber defense solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of their clients; that includes but not limited to AI-driven suite of managed and professional services that protect businesses from malicious cyber threats; cyber security bootcamp and training courses, along with consulting and identity authentication services.

2.    AKATI Sekurity leverages the latest in technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to identify and protect against cyber threats; which includes : Targeted Malware Detection, Real-Time Behavioral Analytics, Multi-Factor Authentication, Proactive Patching of Vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Management & Reporting, Cloud Security and Compliance Solutions.

3.    AKATI Sekurity is committed to providing a secure environment for their clients through ongoing research and innovative solutions, including developing an AI-powered predictive security system to anticipate, monitor and identify potential security threats; Implementing an advanced encryption algorithm for data storage and transmission to maximize data security; Designing a cloud-based security platform for centralizing and managing security operations across multiple locations; Utilizing biometrics-based authentication for user authentication and access control.