Alcide Microservices Firewall

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Alcide
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

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Designed for today’s complex cloud environment, Alcide provides comprehensive, real-time, single-pane visibility and security of the network infrastructure and deployed services through the intelligent automation of security policies applied uniformly, regardless of the workload and infrastructure. Alcide helps security, devops and network teams with today’s complex and unique cloud environments by providing them with the following:

- A comprehensive security platform that enables granular control and full visibility of entire public and private cloud datacenters mesh including VMs, containers, serverless and 3rd party services
- A microservices firewall that is able to import cloud providers’ security groups and define, apply and monitor uniform security policies across clouds security policies for continuous governance, risk and trust assessment
- A unified threat detection and prevention capabilities against advanced attacks such as DNS exfiltration, poisoning and port scanning that surpass traditional protection layers. Data center management teams can get clear and prescriptive security alerts, empowering them to respond to events in real time.

Alcide is built for DevOps and security teams that have embraced hybrid and multiple IaaS environments and recognize that they must protect cloud workloads differently than traditional data centers in order to effectively prevent and stop threats before they begin to move laterally.

Brief Overview

Alcide provides a unified set of security policies for apps, infrastructure and external services which reside together in today’s cloud environment. With Alcide, customers can strengthen their security posture by gaining full visibility into their complex data centers, receive alerts of abnormal activity, and isolate individual application issues so they do not affect the entire network. With the ability to monitor any cloud-compute combination of container, VM, service-mesh and serverless, Alcide’s platform provides DevOps and Sec teams with the ability to see the full physical layer and service connectivity map as well as manage, define and implement platform policies and security groups. The cloud-native security platform provides a single view into distributed and cloud-native environments. Alcide’s Microservices Firewall enables application-aware security controls for cloud infrastructure, all workloads and external service mesh against different attack scenarios, including malicious internal activity, lateral movement and data exfiltration. Alcide’s embedded policies enable DevOps to define network policies during build time. This grants new workloads the ability to gain immediate access for normal runtime operation. The platform also provides a simplified dashboard with consolidated security policies, all of the inbound and outbound rules to users and giving them and better vantage point to enforce policies across the cloud infrastructure and across microservices.