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CompanyAlert Logic
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Type of solutionSoftware


Alert Logic Cloud Insight is a cloud-native vulnerability and configuration management solution designed to secure workloads running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Alert Logic Cloud Insight provides an integrated view of both host and application vulnerabilities, delivering broad visibility into an organization’s potential security risk. It also provides proactive remediation actions that help eliminate vulnerabilities rather than simply providing a list of the vulnerabilities that customers must then manually determine the steps required to eliminate.

Alert Logic Cloud Insight uses auto-discovery capabilities and continuous monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, analyze their potential impact and create a prioritized remediation plan showing the vulnerabilities that will be eliminated with each step, enabling businesses to quickly understand and remediate risks within their applications. Alert Logic gives a real-time, up-to-date, consolidated view of the business’s security posture.

Alert Logic Cloud Insight re-invents how organizations protect workloads running on AWS, moving away from what could be a manual error-prone approach to an automated, continuous, remediation-centric approach. Even when IT remediates an application vulnerability, it is difficult to ensure the vulnerability has truly been eradicated. Alert Logic Cloud Insight deeply integrates with various AWS APIs including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EX2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), and AWS Identify and Access Management as well as AWS CloudTrail.
With Alert Logic Cloud Insight, companies benefit from the following:

• Deep insight into their AWS infrastructure
• Intelligent remediation for vulnerabilities
• Continuous protection

In June of 2016, Alert Logic began to offer Cloud Insight with Alert Logic Cloud Defender (here and here), the industry’s first fully managed cloud-based security and compliance suite. While Cloud Insight can still be purchased as a standalone product, it will be included in the Cloud Defender product suite for all new and existing customers.

How we are different

• It is the first cloud-native vulnerability and configuration management solution
• Alert Logic Cloud Insight is remediation, not vulnerability, focused
• Cloud Insight continuously monitors the AWS environment, and even as the environment changes, Cloud Insight automatically detects the changes and scans, new, changed or modified assets for exposures