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CompanyAlert Logic
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionHybrid


You want protection for your technology and data that’s always on. Without the budget or expertise, you believe comprehensive security is out of reach. You haven’t discovered Alert Logic — managed detection and response delivering unmatched security value.

Unlike solutions that can’t do it all or that are beyond your budget, we deliver protection you didn’t think possible. Keeping ahead of relentless and evolving threats requires expertise that is always evaluating and solving, at speed. Our knowledge becomes your ability to respond. As the first MDR provider, Alert Logic’s industry-leading technology and our team of security experts and data scientists empower you to crush all threats, known and unknown.

How we are different

• Alert Logic’s Platform Fabric Coverage: Our SaaS platform consists of a carefully curated set of capabilities that are purposely built and tuned to solve specific customer problems spanning visibility and protection. We provide protection wherever your workloads are – In one cloud, in many different clouds, or on premise.
“Alert Logic provides security-as-a-service, monitoring and visibility across both our AWS and production environments, protecting us against casual and serious attackers.”
- Brett King, Head of Service Delivery | Funky

• Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Research & Analytics: We couple our platform with dozens of security researchers, data scientists, and engineers who work hand-in-hand with our tools to separate the real issues from the noise. Our researchers analyze many different threat intelligence feeds along with our own 30+ pedabytes of customer data gathered from 4000+ customers over 15 years to uncover threat patterns and behavior. We feed this advanced intelligence into our platform to spot ever-changing threats.
“When WannaCry hit and was holding computers to ransom, we were in a position where we could say that Alert Logic had identified this threat two months prior and had advised its customers to patch and protect against it. This kind of intel is just another great value-add for our current and future customers.”
- Jonathan Relf, Solutions Architect | Esendex

• 24/7 Expert Monitoring & Response: Alert Logic customers have direct access to our security operations center (SOC) as part of their subscription. Our follow-the-sun 24/7 coverage model provides experienced security analysts who call you within 15 minutes with any high or critical incident. Our SOC is staffed by 150+ highly trained experts who work with our customers to identify and remediate incidents. Our proprietary internal training program enables scalability to support rapid growth and leads to 2x the industry average for security analyst retention.
“The value Alert Logic brings is the security and comfort associated with us doing business, knowing our systems are being monitored, knowing our systems are being managed, knowing that we will be alerted whenever there is an issue which has been identified gives us the comfort and confidence that we can go out and continue to provide the service that we need to our customers.”
- Lucian Morris, CIO | LQID