AlgoSec’s Network Security Management Solution

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)AlgoSec
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1 - AlgoSec is unique in that it manages the entire security policy lifecycle to ensure ongoing, secure connectivity for your business applications.

2- Through a single pane of glass, you can auto-discover application connectivity requirements, proactively analyze risk, rapidly plan and execute network security changes and securely decommission firewall rules - all with zero-touch and seamlessly orchestrated across your heterogeneous public or private cloud, and on-premise network environment.

3 - A key differentiator, not offered by AlgoSec’s competitors, is AlgoBot, the first intelligent chatbot for security management. AlgoBot automatically answers questions from users and assists with change requests via its intuitive self-service interface, from a chatroom or mobile app. This frees up resources, accelerates responses, and enhances the efficiency of security processes.

Brief Overview

AlgoSec’s Network Security Management Solution significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk of managing security policies across enterprise hybrid networks, while freeing up highly paid, skilled staff to focus on strategic security initiatives rather than ‘keeping the lights on’ maintenance work.
Additionally, the AlgoSec solution delivers key benefits to customers beyond those usually associated with security policy management solutions. These include functionality such as the autodiscovery of applications and their connectivity flows, allowing customers to take a critical application-centric approach to manage security; supporting DevOps by enabling security to be baked into application-development processes.
As a result, AlgoSec enables customers to surpass budgetary expectations by strategically aligning security with business processes, to enhance business agility while ensuring security. As one customer stated (from the State of Utah): “I’ve been able to jump in and use AlgoSec. It’s been really intuitive”, concluded the IT director. “I am very pleased with this product!”

According to customers, AlgoSec consistently delivers a significant, measurable ROI in less than a year. A 2018 SC Magazine group test review stated: “Although AlgoSec is a security management product, their business-driven mindset crosses over to the ROI their users are incurring with increased productivity and operational efficiency.”
Quantifiable benefits from AlgoSec’s rich analysis and automation of security management processes include:
• Reduced audit preparation time and costs by up to 80%
• Reduced time and cost of processing security changes by up to 60%
• Reduced time and cost to troubleshoot/resolve connectivity issues by 50%
• Faster provisioning of connectivity for critical business applications
• Extension of hardware lifespan and TCO due to optimized policies
• Fast migration to public cloud/SDN environments
• Prevention of application outages caused by firewall misconfigurations
• Improved defense against cyberattacks through tighter security policy and reduced attack surface
• Improved alignment across key stakeholders within the organization