Allot WebSafe Personal

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Allot Communications
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Allot WebSafe Personal is a unique network-based mobile Security as a Service solution and market leader. Unlike the vast majority of mobile security solutions that must be installed on the end-point device and require user intervention, with Allot WebSafe personal there is nothing to install. It requires minimal effort from the user, ensures that security protocols/definitions are always up-to-date, and the service provider can alert subscribers to any major threat and increase awareness and education. Allot’s WebSafe Personal powers Vodafone’s Secure Net offering: In 2016 it blocked more than 154 million threats against mobile devices, and in 2017 it enabled Vodafone to block a new type of threat that attempted to subordinate computers and mobile devices to become cryptocurrency mining “slaves” in favor of the perpetrator and without the knowledge of the owner.

• Combines the benefits of protection from cyber-threats such as viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware etc. with parental control capabilities allowing parents to protect their kids from both cyber-threats as well as inappropriate content.

• Provides benefits for mobile operators who can enhance brand reputation and increase revenue from consumers opting into premium services. It is one of the bestselling value added services for SPs.

Brief Overview

Allot is a global provider of leading innovative network intelligence and security solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide, enhancing value to their customers. Allot WebSafe Personal, Allot’s flagship security product, is built for rapid multi-tenant rollout of anti-malware services and customizable parental controls that enable communication service providers to safeguard customers, significantly improve NPS (Net Promoter Score – measure of customer satisfaction), increase brand loyalty, and generate incremental revenue through network-based Security as a Service. Allot WebSafe Personal is unique in being fully network-based and not requiring user intervention to update and protect the device. As a result, it achieves up to 50% penetration with some service providers, as opposed to end-point solutions, that typically only get used by 3-5% of mobile subscribers.

Allot WebSafe Personal includes built-in engagement tools such as customizable controls, personalized reporting, and service icon insertion to help operators maintain high levels of service awareness and optimal engagement and penetration with subscribers. As a result, consumers experience not only a secure, but enhanced, digital experience that prevents harmful or malicious online threats. Anti-malware, anti-phishing, ransomware protection, parental controls, URL filtering and ad blocking are just a few services provided by Allot WebSafe Personal with minimal to no effort from the consumer to activate the service.

By making the network a one-stop shop for industry-leading anti-malware services, service providers keep both their subscriber and business customers protected from malicious online threats in a simple and economical way.

Allot’s network-based security services are already deployed by many service providers globally, including Vodafone and Telefonica and Allot WebSafe Personal already protects over 20 million consumer and business subscribers worldwide.