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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Traditional complicated IT controls, like DLP, focus on locking down networks, devices, and people. But, they have failed to protect data in three major ways. First, they only support some file types, not all. Second, the data is no longer protected once files are moved, shared, or stolen. And third, these controls get in the way and frustrate business users to the point that they intentionally work around them, or the business forces IT to dial back the protection, resulting in “security theater.”

Anchor inverts the equation by baking protection into the data, invisible to the business users (like antivirus) so that files are free to travel and security is out of the way. Simply put, wherever the data goes, it’s protected.

Anchor is a zero trust SaaS data security platform with an endpoint component that bakes protection into your files with a unique transparent combination of encryption, continuous multifactor access controls, and a digital chain of custody. Anchor empowers you to maintain control of your files while sharing and collaborating on-premise or in the cloud, including forensic logging and revoking access.

Within minutes, our customers end data theft across their organization by “Anchoring” sensitive information for all file types, such as source code, corporate documents, and intellectual property (like CAD designs). All without requiring them to change existing IT controls or how their users and applications work today. Because stopping the bad guys shouldn’t mean stopping the business.

How we are different

Anchor is easier, faster, more affordable, and better than DLP.
Set up takes minutes. Protects using persistent, military-grade FIPS-validated encryption. Access is based on role using multifactor access controls, so it's business as usual -- with no keys to use or lose, no changes to how users work or the apps they use, and no security barriers to work around. Anchor protects files of all types, including CAD, source code, custom apps, video, etc On-demand SaaS service is affordable and scalable.

Anchor employs zero trust principles.
A patented combination of technologies protects data at the file level, making data its own security boundary. Unlike encryption-only solutions, “Anchored" data is protected in all states -- in use, in transit, and at rest, no matter where it travels. Complies with CMMC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more. A digital chain of custody allows file access to be tracked to identify unauthorized activity or misuse.

Thwarts insider/external data theft and unauthorized use.
Centralized sophisticated key management allows an organization to maintain ownership of its data. Role-based access is temporary and can be revoked by the organization instantly -- for instance, if an employee leaves, a device is stolen, or if there’s a data breach -- immediately rendering any files in an unauthorized user’s possession unreadable and useless.