Annese & Associates, Inc.

Additional Info
Company size (employees)150
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Over the past year Annese & Asscociates has grown its cybersecurity sector and developed it to be placed at #1 of all cybersecurity companies in Albany. With 22 experienced employees dedicated to helping clients with their security, Annese has also been recognized by CISCO with an advanced security certification which only a handful of partners with similar company size have received. Most recently Annese hosted a very successful conference in Syracuse, NY called SightLine, where many employees taught attendees from around the state about cybersecurity in breakout sessions such as “The Impact of Social Engineering on the World at Large” and “The Current Security Threat Landscape: Now Mutating”.

How we are different

-Annese is doing something unique in that within the SMB space in New York State, it combines professional and management services with security tools and partners in the world such as CISCO, Alert Logic, Wombat Security Technologies, and Grey Castle. Through these partnerships Annese offers customers a very complete and preventative set of services.
-In taking a different approach to cybersecurity management, Annese breaks down cybersecurity into three key areas (people, policies, and process) and stress all of them equally with each new client. Annese is not in the habit of selling the product and walking away, it ensures that from start to finish of our services we are available and helping clients every step of the way and beyond.
-Annese has hired some of the leading experts in cybersecurity such as Joe Vigorito (Director of Mobility and Security), who has more than three decades of experience in this field. Joe alone is highly credentialed, certified, and has a proven track record of cybersecurity excellence while he worked with companies in the Fortune 100 and 50 space like FORD, Dow Chemical, and Bank of America.