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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Anvilogic is the only security detection automation platform built for the SOC, by SOC professionals to deliver AI-driven insights and recommendations to measure and improve threat detection coverage that can force-multiply security operation teams and help them go from threat to detect in minutes in a single unified platform. Security teams can now easily unify and streamline threat detection, investigation, hunting and incident response lifecycle to break down silos, quickly deploy detections across hybrid clouds and security data lakes, and get continuous visibility and reporting into overall detection coverage.

Anvilogic’s AI-driven platform continuously monitors the security environment, creating a maturity score based on unique data quality, detection coverage and productivity. The platform provides ML-Driven recommendations that instantly alert the SOC to new threats and vulnerabilities, steps of how to take action, and provides ready-to-deploy detection content based on organizations unique requirements. These highly accurate and enriched alerts help security operations teams detect, hunt, and triage security events faster than ever. Anvilogic’s flexible out-of-the-box security content aligns with the MITRE ATT&CK framework and critical customer priorities, eliminates noise, and increases efficiency. The connected, collaborative workspace gives security engineers and analysts a way to build behavioral-pattern-based detection logic with a no-code scenario builder and deploy the detections across all attack surfaces in minutes. What used to take weeks of manual effort can now be done in hours – with no code.

Anvilogic is a force multiplier for security tools and teams by bringing automation, AI, frameworks, and no-code to the SOC to improve efficiency and efficacy. Powered by proprietary detection and enrichment frameworks, no-code builder, and visual hunting/triage workflow, Anvilogic is addressing a problem in SOCs that no solution currently solves.

How we are different

• Anvilogic is the only platform to deliver AI-driven insights and recommendations to measure and improve threat detection coverage across hybrid logging platforms that can force-multiply security operation teams in a single platform.
• From threat to detections in minutes, Anvilogic streamlines and unifies the threat detection processes across hybrid logging platforms.
• Anvilogic’s, Purple Team, Forge, eliminates hours spent researching, testing, and documenting detections by leveraging 1000+ of curated, ready-to-deploy Purple Team-tested detections to combat threats.