API Detection and Response with Managed Threat Hunting

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


One of the greatest threats facing security today is the fraud, theft and abuse that can be accomplished through the unsanctioned use of business APIs. While generalized threat hunting is still important, organizations must be able to root out, investigate and analyze threats being carried out through their APIs. Neosec enables security teams to investigate alerts using advanced querying capabilities within their entire API data set. The availability of historical enterprise-wide API data allows security teams to understand the context for each alert and fully investigate to uncover more threats. With Neosec, API security is no longer a black box–full understanding of API activity is just an investigation away. Companies can investigate API threats on their own, using the power of the platform, or they can have Neosec’s team of experts provide investigation as service.

How we are different

With Neosec, security practitioners can proactively identify threats hiding in APIs through threat hunting. These hypothesis-driven investigations allow for teams to look for malicious behavior, and they are made possible by accessing data stored in the Neosec platform. Research and investigations can be done quickly and efficiently due to the level of data available and the tools to examine it carefully and efficiently.

Neosec API threat hunting is both proactive as well as investigative. Both can be done using one’s existing security team or they can utilize Neosec’s team of experts. The choice enables any organization to have full API threat hunting abilities. Understaffed security teams rarely have time or resources for threat hunting and struggle to develop threat hunting expertise. Neosec managed threat hunting acts as an extension of a company’s own security team. Professional threat hunters are always available to help.