AppDynamics with Cisco Secure Application

Additional Info

CompanyAppDynamics, part of Cisco
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


AppDynamics with Cisco Secure Application is the first industry solution to deliver a level of security insight that empowers both Application and Security teams to safeguard customer and organization assets while delivering a best-in-class digital experience. Cisco Secure Application drastically simplifies vulnerability management, defends against attacks and protects applications – from the inside-out. Co-innovated with AppDynamics and the Cisco Security business, the world’s largest enterprise security company, this new platform correlates security and application insights through a single solution. Built natively into the AppDynamics platform, users benefit from reduced alert fatigue, real time threat detection, and automatic breach prevention. The result is businesses’ confidence in application performance without the fear of significant damage to brand reputation and customer trust.

Using AppDynamics with Cisco Secure Application opens up a view of the entire IT estate by enabling application and security teams to collaborate and proactively monitor the entire IT stack, from customer-facing applications down to supporting services, core network and infrastructure. Cisco Secure Application is one of the key technology innovations behind Cisco’s full-stack observability platform and is vital for technologists to identify and fix availability and performance issues before they adversely affect customers and the business.

How we are different

Reduces friction to catch exploits in moments, not months: Cisco Secure Application sits alongside application code and runs wherever code runs. It secures production applications from the inside-out to detect and block incidents automatically at runtime so that users are happy and businesses stay successful. For example, in the case of the recent Log4j incident, Cisco Secure Application is uniquely capable of enforcing a single policy across all applications that blocks vulnerable Java classes from establishing any network connection regardless of the application interface.

Uses application and business insights to prioritize responses and bring teams together: Cisco Secure Application is an industry-first application security solution that marries security and performance insights to drastically simplify vulnerability management and attack protection for different stakeholder groups. It leverages the application metadata that AppDynamics already uses to monitor the health of applications to ensure that context is always maintained across different teams. It correlates security details with application insights for unified visibility into the impacted service area and breaks down the silos between application and security teams for rapid response.

Unlock security insights without overhead or friction: The Secure Application agent was built by the same engineering team that built the AppDynamics APM agent. The mission they successfully accomplished was a single, unified APM/security agent providing code-level runtime security without impacting performance. The additional overhead of detecting vulnerabilities and blocking exploits comes at the average cost of <1% CPU, <6ms latency and 4-6MB of memory. This means teams can safely use Cisco Secure Application in production without impacting the end user experience or application performance.