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Type of solutionSoftware


Sixty percent of security professionals acknowledge their teams can’t keep pace with cloud automation, self-service and DevOps changes. Even worse, traditional network security tools like VPNS, firewalls and NACs are unsuitable for today’s dynamic cloud environments – they’re labor-intensive to manage, and provide all-or nothing access, giving authenticated users overly broad network access, and allow wide-reaching breaches.

Considering that enterprises typically use six different cloud computing services how can IT/Security teams provide secure network access controls across that many different destinations? How many firewall rules need to be written, administered and maintained? How can companies provide audit and log information for regulatory and compliance requirements that show who connected to what and when? AppGate solves these problems by dramatically reducing the attack surface for all users across applications and data hosted both on-premises and in the cloud. It automatically controls user’s network access at a fine-grained level, ensuring users can only access authorized resources.

AppGate enables organizations to adopt a Software-Defined Perimeter approach for granular security control. AppGate makes the application/server infrastructure effectively “invisible” and delivers access to authorized resources only, verifying a number of user variables throughout each session. Once the user logs out, the secure tunnel disappears. And when a user’s context changes – such as moving from a corporate to a public network– additional security requirements (multi-factor authentication, for example) can be enforced (or access can be denied). Now with the new version of AppGate, all unauthorized network and cloud-based resources are invisible, completely preventing malicious users or attackers from seeing unauthorized applications. AppGate provides linear scalability for network access, with a patent-pending approach that combines scalability with high-availability. It offers enterprises increased scalability, reliability, and high availability, allowing them to achieve the best of both worlds – fine-grained access control per user, and incredible performance and reliability.

How we are different

• AppGate dramatically reduces the attack surface for all users across applications and data hosted both on-premises and in the cloud.
• AppGate simplifies the user access problem and eliminates over-entitled network access, drawing on user context to dynamically create a secure, encrypted network segment of one that’s tailored for each user session.
• Designed for the cloud, AppGate’s new version automatically detects changes within Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, and adjusts access decisions based on policy and user context. This gives businesses the agility they need without overloading IT or Security teams.