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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Clearswift
Company size (employees)135-150
Type of solutionSoftware

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•World’s first adaptive cybersecurity for email that brings forward tomorrow’s technology today and protects against the next wave of advanced email cyber-attacks and information borne threats. ARgon is changing the email cybersecurity game and offering a practical and cost-effective solution for all size organizations.

•Simplifies and consolidates more security in fewer tools. Overlapping tools and manual processes can play havoc on any size organization, let alone those with limited IT administration resources. ARgon provides a single, simplified solution that is more complete with not only advanced inbound threat and critical information protection, but automatic data redaction technologies to prevent common compliance violations.

•Integrates with existing IT security tools, no rip and replace. ARgon for Email enhances and leverages investments made in existing email security tools (i.e. Cisco, Symantec, and Sophos) or the basic security functionality provided in hosted cloud solutions (i.e. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gmail for Work) by simply plugging-in and adding a deeper layer of inbound threat prevention, sanitization and data security.

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Clearswift ARgon for Email is the world’s first adaptive email security technology that goes levels deeper and beyond basic email security hygiene to thoroughly inspect and sanitize all email shared in and out of organizations, whether that is on premise or in the cloud. ARgon is a straightforward, non-disruptive add-on to existing email security infrastructure that provides a unique layer of advanced threat protection, critical information security and compliance in one solution.

Non-Disruptive Protection in an Always on World:
ARgon offers a unique, non-disruptive approach to protecting your organization’s email. Tackling the problems caused by traditional email security solutions and the delays (up to 15 mins) common with sandboxing behavior analysis, ARgon completely disassembles all email messages and attachments to thoroughly inspect, redact and sanitize only the malicious threat (malware/ APTs) or sensitive information, allowing the rest of the email and attachments to proceed unhindered.

ARgon’s adaptive redaction ability to remove only the malicious content or sensitive data eliminates costly and resource intense false positives found with legacy stop/block and forced remediation methods. In addition, ARgon can identify and remove sensitive or critical data that often goes unnoticed as false negatives (i.e. hidden metadata, revision information and auto-saved data associated with documents and images) before it leaves the organization.

Critical Information Protection and Compliance:
ARgon enables bidirectional, both context and content aware definitions, and also comes with commonplace regulatory compliance automated redaction configurations such as PCI DSS, HIPPA, SOX, etc. In addition, ARgon can automatically inspect, detect and encrypt emails, securing any and all information that is sent outside the organization.

No longer can organizations simply rely on basic hygiene and behavior analysis methods to protect their organization against the next wave of advanced malware attacks and information borne threats, and turn to ARgon for an adaptive email security solutions.

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