ARIA Packet Intelligence

Additional Info

CompanyARIA Cybersecurity Solutions
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


With the ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence application, security resources have complete visibility into internal network traffic, including east-west data flows. This enables better, more comprehensive threat detection, faster investigative responses, and immediate network threat containment — all without impacting network or application performance. Packet Intelligence dramatically improves the effectiveness and performance of threat detection and incident response (IR) tools, including SIEMs, SOARs, UEBAs, and IDS/IPS solutions. Simplify processes with a turnkey threat detection and containment option—no SOC required.

How we are different

- Detect More Threats: Expose and identify intrusions typically missed by existing approaches.
- Enhance Existing Security Tools: Enable faster incident detection and response, and with fewer false positives.
- Automate Response: Improve the effectiveness of investigation and automate containment.
- Improve Security Posture: Strengthen the effectiveness of existing solutions to increase SOC performance.
- Reduce Costs: Quick, simple deployment that is cost-effective to operate.
- Faster ROI: Gain returns of up to ten times over traditional tools.