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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ArmorPoint is for small to mid-market businesses who must defend against and keep pace with increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks to ensure business continuity, meet regulatory compliances, and protect business-critical assets and want the flexibility to completely own or outsource cybersecurity management with the peace of mind that a trusted IT provider is working 24/7 to identify, advise and, where appropriate, respond to threats on their behalf.

ArmorPoint is a managed cybersecurity solution that provides the technology and service package options to bridge the gaps in your existing people, processes, and technology by scaling incident response delivery to evolve with your organization’s existing maturity level. Unlike traditional, siloed security solutions that simply detect and alert customers of threats, requiring internal IT teams to manually correlate events and resolve incidents, our product doesn’t require you to rip and replace your existing point solutions, but instead consolidates and correlates incidents with the option for full-service remediation, all under a single pane of glass.

How we are different

In today’s cyber landscape, what makes up a company’s people, processes, and technology is paramount to ensuring a strong cyber hygiene. Without the ability to have full visibility into their attack surface, businesses are left vulnerable to cyber attacks, fines and penalties due to non-compliance, and damage to brand reputation. ArmorPoint solves these problems by providing unmatched people, processes, and technology that extend beyond what others provide.

Built by expert cybersecurity professionals and backed by five-star 24/7/365 U.S.-based support, ArmorPoint helps our customers overcome the cybersecurity labor shortage by giving access to a team of dedicated and passionate cybersecurity pros – all of whom have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. The best part? Our cybersecurity team acts as an extension of your team and not just a tool within your stack.

ArmorPoint also offers a comprehensive technology, including SIEM, EDR, vulnerability scanning, compliance reporting, and CMBD, as well as remediation and response services, so you have the ability to see something, say something, and then do something – all while everything is being documented for you.