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CompanyArxan Technologies
Company size (employees)100 - 499
Type of solutionSoftware


Arxan’s patented guarding technology safeguards against attacks in unprotected mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) environments. The solution is infused directly into the application binary and integrates into the build process, requiring no changes to the source code. Arxan is non-disruptive to application performance and the Software Development Life Cycle, making it ideal for development teams to meet the demands of issuing updates and new versions of apps. The embedded code protection lies within the application level and is not simply tied to the device itself, providing protection at runtime from tampering and emerging exploits.

Arxan protects against invasive security threats that can lead to detrimental financial loss to the enterprise. And in IoT application use cases within industries such as healthcare and automotive (ex: a breach in a medical device or a connected car), the threat is against human life. Arxan minimizes these threats by protecting the binary code and cryptographic keys in the application to harden and tamper-proof the code, to detect attacks at runtime, and to ultimately defend the app.

In August 2016, Arxan introduced several significant features, including:
-QNX – Arxan offers one of the first solutions for protecting apps on QNX, a leading IoT platform used across several industries (particularly automotive and medical device).

-Swift – Arxan supports Apple’s programming language, ensuring that customers can continue using the latest programming languages while being well-protected.

-SHA-3 – Arxan’s white-box includes SHA-3, which offers a new message digest algorithm, allowing customers to use updated algorithms for the latest cryptographic schemes.

Arxan also provides coverage for Android N, iOS 10, Emulator Detection Guard, Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme, and JNI Authentication Guard.

Companies in a wide range of industries, including automotive (connected cars), financial services, healthcare (connected medical devices), gaming, manufacturing, digital media and more use Arxan for proactive prevention and

How we are different

- Trusted by many of the world’s largest enterprises for its IoT application attack prevention and self-protection, Arxan Application Protection offers application code hardening, cryptographic key and data protection, in addition to professional services to ensure deployment runs at peak performance.

- When run in unsafe and unprotected environments, hackers can directly access, exploit and compromise these IoT applications. Arxan specializes in protecting the binary code of these applications to defend, detect and deter against attack.

- Arxan protects IoT applications across a range of industries, including: financial services, healthcare, high tech/independent software vendors (ISVs), manufacturing, automotive, digital media, gaming, and more.