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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Asimily’s IoT security product, Asimily Insight, is a uniquely comprehensive IoT security solution that focuses on securing Internet of Medical Things devices—the absolutely critical internet-connected devices and equipment used by hospitals, diagnostic, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and other healthcare organizations to deliver patient care.

Through sophisticated IoT device scanning, Asimily Insight discovers and classifies all connected devices, with the largest repository of device metadata and capability information. Using Asimily Insight’s proprietary machine learning-based technology, Asimily Insight predicts which devices are most critical, and which are most likely to face a successful attack. Asimily Insight baselines and profiles device behavior, and detects network anomalies that could indicate a potential compromise or exhibit insecure behavior that could precipitate one. Additionally, Asimily Insight tracks device utilization and active recalls, so healthcare organizations can ensure that assets are being allocated efficiently. Asimily Insights helps healthcare organizations—like hospitals—defend their organization, increase IoT device availability and uptime, reduce operational expenses, and achieve compliance with healthcare security standards.

How we are different

3 ways the Asimily Insight IoT security product stands out:

1. IoT Device Inventory: Asimily Insight identifies all devices in a healthcare organization’s network, including medical, IoT devices, and traditional IT workstations and servers. Detailed parameters such as the device's exact model and software version are provided for the most complete and accurate inventory.

2. Vulnerability Management: Asimily Insight discovers IoT devices and understands which ones have vulnerabilities with a high likelihood of exploitation. Connected devices are prioritized using this likelihood and the impact that a breach of the particular device would have, based on Asimily Insights’ understanding of the device's purpose and the type of data it handles.

3. Anomaly & Threat Detection: Asimily Insight monitors and detects misconfigurations, attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, and anomalous behavior from IoT devices. A number of alerting options are provided, including integration with major SIEM vendors.