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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionHybrid


Asimily Insight is a comprehensive medical device asset and cybersecurity management platform. Using Insight, health delivery organizations can comprehensively monitor and manage devices throughout their entire lifecycle, from pre-procurement all the way to decommissioning.

Through sophisticated passive scanning, Insight discovers and classifies all connected devices, with the largest repository of device metadata and capability information. Using Asimily’s proprietary machine learning-based technology, Insight predicts which devices are most critical, and which are most likely to face a successful attack. Insight baselines and profiles device behavior, and detects network anomalies that could indicate a potential compromise or exhibit insecure behavior that could precipitate one. Additionally, Insight tracks device utilization and active recalls, so HDOs can ensure that assets are being allocated efficiently. Insight helps HDOs defend their organization, increase device availability and uptime, reduce operational expenses, and achieve compliance with healthcare security standards.

* Inventory Every Thing: See and correctly classify every device in the healthcare environment. With a non-invasive inventory, Insight discovers and identifies every healthcare device, from medical devices to traditional IoT and connected devices.
* Prioritize Vulnerabilities: Discover and prioritize vulnerabilities in medical devices and traditional IoT. Insight generates a risk score based on exploitability, configuration, use case and context, so you can understand which vulnerabilities are most critical.
* Remediate: With the largest database of vulnerability exploit vectors and manufacturer capability documents, Insight provides actionable intelligence for vulnerabilities, so you can prioritize, mitigate and manage vulnerabilities in a way that ensures safety of the provider, patient, and technology.
* Monitor and Detect: Detect anomalies from baseline device behavior and set policies to detect unusual or unwanted behavior. With Insight, receive alerts any time intrusion is detected or anomalous behavior occurs. Quarantine or segment devices based on policy. Then, with Insight’s remediation capability, identify the root cause and how to respond.

How we are different

* Instead of showing a laundry list of vulnerabilities, many of which may not actually be exploitable or patchable, Insight proactively predicts potential paths for an attacker to attack a device, using the MITRE ATT&CK framework to understand which devices are most likely to be exploited by an attacker. It then provides environment and device specific recommendations for every device to reduce or eliminate risk, even if no patch is available. This solves the biggest problems in vulnerability management in the IoMT space: Prioritizing remediation and mitigating risk when patching is not an option.
* Asimily has the largest repository of manufacturer capability information, covering over 1000 device models. Asimily digitizes and integrates the Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security (MDS2) for every medical device, which enables Insight to better understand the criticality of a device, what kind of data are processed or stored, and any mitigations that could reduce the risk of a vulnerability or threat.
* Insight’s flexible policy engine provides 100% visibility for any device, on any parameter, through policies recommended by Asimily and targeted for the HDO customer. Insight provides automated anomaly and attack detection for new and existing threats, and users can customize these policies to fit their organization’s specific needs and existing controls. This can be used to detect attacks that can often fly under the radar, such as low-and-slow data exfiltration.