AtomicEye Solution Suite

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CompanyNehemiah Security
Company size (employees)50 - 99
Type of solutionSoftware


The AtomicEye Solution Suite puts control back with security operators by empowering them to Analyze, Manage, and Prevent attacks on endpoints and valuable data assets.

Analyze: AtomicEye RQ (Risk Quantifier) delivers actionable measurements of an infrastructure’s ability to resist a vast range of cyberattacks. Leveraging a decade of experience from our elite cyberwarfare unit, RQ creates a highly-precise clone of a network including specific endpoint configurations and resident cyberdefense mechanisms. RQ then launches real exploits pulled from a library of thousands. The result is a cyber scorecard that answers the question “Am I secure?” plus a set of recommended actions that answer the question “What should I do next?”.

Manage: AtomicEye ASM (Attack Surface Manager) continuously scans each endpoint to reveal configuration violations. These can include a missing patch on a server, an unauthorized application, an open port, or an unrecognized URL. The power of ASM is its ability to automatically resolve violations per your protocols. The result is a smaller attack surface, a lower likelihood of a breach, and the peace of mind that comes with automated control over your security configurations.

Prevent: AtomicEye CP (Continuous Protection) is engineered for organizations that recognize the inevitability of exploits on their network. CP is the industry’s first solution capable of detecting and preventing sophisticated attacks without relying on signatures of any kind. CP delivers an atomic-level view of every endpoint by capturing over 1 million attributes for each machine. Advanced algorithms and machine learning expose anomalies that indicate—with certainty, in real-time—the presence of advanced malware. The instant a threat is detected, remediation rulesets are activated that make it impossible for assets to be compromised. CP stops the offending executable, repairs altered configuration settings, restores deleted or corrupted files, and closes open ports, all with little or no human interaction.

How we are different

AtomicEye not only answers the question “Am I secure?” through intelligent security risk measurements, it also provides actionable recommendations for the highest priority initiatives to becoming more secure. Moreover, many of these recommendations can be managed automatically with little or no human interaction. These are critical capabilities for resource strained organizations.

AtomicEye is the only solution not limited by the ‘rearview mirror’ of what has already occurred. From planning perspective, the ability to virtualize your current network and projected future network changes and run what-if scenarios and exploits against it takes the guesswork out of how your network might withstand attacks. From a detection and prevention standpoint, without reliance on signatures of any kind, AtomicEye regularly detects true zero-day exploits and other advanced persistent threats. This forward-looking approach to planning and prevention makes AtomicEye invaluable for security-sensitive organizations.

AtomicEye is the only solution able to operate at the speed of cyber. Your network is changing constantly, and quickly. Our cloned version of your network changes right in stride. User behavior and network configurations are in constant motion. Our continuous scanning of your endpoints at an atomic level sees it all as it is happening and enforces your controls and security best practices in real time. Adversaries are targeting you with advanced persistent threats. Our anomaly detection catches these attacks even in-memory, and restores the infected assets back to their original, pre-attack state. No re-imaging is required, and no interruption to the business operations is experienced.