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CompanyAT&T Business
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


AT&T Dynamic Defense is now available to AT&T Dedicated Internet business customers. AT&T Dynamic Defense is an automated cybersecurity tool designed to be a “first line of defense” against digital threats. The tool is embedded directly into a business’s network and can be activated “within minutes.” The tool can detect threats, filter traffic, and execute security controls without extra installation and equipment costs, as well as block threats in real-time.

AT&T is setting a new standard of connectivity, with security that starts at the network level. AT&T Dynamic Defense is protecting AT&T business customer with an innovative product that offers a robust shield against cyber threats, enabling them to do more than they ever could before.

AT&T Dynamic Defense™ was designed with a simplified, seamless, and secure experience in mind. Regardless of size, business customers can easily activate the product online and benefit from its cybersecurity protection capabilities in minutes. The AT&T Dynamic Defense™ customer portal provides ongoing visibility to help customers detect and evaluate threats and implement policies to protect their businesses.

Key Capabilities / Features

• Real-Time Threat Detection: AT&T Dynamic Defense continuously monitors network traffic and identifies threats as they occur. This proactive approach helps prevent attacks before they can cause damage.

• Embedded Security: Unlike traditional security solutions that require additional hardware or software installations, AT&T Dynamic Defense is embedded within AT&T’s network infrastructure. This means no extra setup or maintenance for customers.

• Automated Blocking: When a threat is detected, AT&T Dynamic Defense automatically blocks it from reaching the customer’s network. This reduces the risk of data breaches, malware infections, and other security incidents.

• Scalability: The solution is designed to scale with the customer’s needs. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, AT&T Dynamic Defense adapts to the network size and traffic volume.

• Quick Activation: Customers can activate AT&T Dynamic Defense online within minutes. There’s no lengthy deployment process, making it convenient for businesses.

How we are different

• AT&T Dynamic Defense™ is the first-and-only network with built-in security controls, which means it’s the first line of defense to protect your business. As connectivity continues to evolve, cybersecurity threat detection and mitigation have become a complex puzzle and costly expense for businesses. From hybrid work models to innovation pressures, the rapid growth of digital infrastructure strategies greatly expands threat surfaces for businesses. AT&T Dynamic Defense™, embedded within AT&T’s network, quickly detects threats, filters traffic, and executes security controls without the additional cost of installation and equipment. It’s delivered directly and immediately to users – blocking and tackling threats in real-time, before ever reaching the customer.

• Security is embedded directly into the network without the need for extra equipment, and our on-demand product empowers customers with the security capabilities within minutes, not weeks or months. AT&T is the first and only network with ‘built-in’ security controls. With its vast fiber and wireless networks, AT&T has an extensive infrastructure to leverage its new integrated cybersecurity solution. AT&T Dynamic Defense technology is embedded within the company’s network so it can quickly detect threats, filter traffic, and execute security controls without the additional cost of installation and equipment. Our focus remains on unlocking the power of our best-in-class connectivity with embedded security features that will allow our network to intelligently protect customers end-to-end.

• The AT&T network backbone carries more than 680 petabytes of data every day, allowing the company to have unprecedented visibility and industry leading threat intelligence to protect their business.