AT&T Dynamic Defense With Simplified User Experience

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CompanyAT&T Business
WebsiteEnterprise Network Security and Threat Protection (
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


AT&T Dynamic Defense is an automated cybersecurity tool designed to be a “first line of defense” against digital threats. The tool is embedded directly into a business’s network and can be activated “within minutes.” The tool can detect threats, filter traffic, and execute security controls without extra installation and equipment costs, as well as block threats in real-time.

AT&T is setting a new standard of connectivity, with security that starts at the network level. AT&T Dynamic Defense is protecting AT&T business customer with an innovative product that offers a robust shield against cyber threats, enabling them to do more than they ever could before.

AT&T Dynamic Defense™ was designed with a simplified, seamless, and secure experience in mind. Regardless of size, business customers can easily activate the product online and benefit from its cybersecurity protection capabilities in minutes. The AT&T Dynamic Defense™ customer portal provides ongoing visibility to help customers detect and evaluate threats and implement policies to protect their businesses.

The simplified user interface allows customers to:
• Deploy service in minutes with a single embedded solution and no separate equipment to buy or deploy.
• Add, remove, & view IPs on the customer’s Allow List.
• Add IP addresses to their blocklist.
• Administer security controls and updates.
• Modify filters. Customers can also create an “allow list’ for IP address from a blocked country, if needed.
• Users to toggle categories on and off.
• Receive predefined reports provide crucial insights into the traffic and activities on the customer’s network.
• Implement updates and rollback to previous policies if needed.
• Adjust protection needs.

Key Capabilities / Features

• AT&T Dynamic Defense Shield is the network’s first line of defense against threats and blocks up to 30,000 malicious IP addresses before they hit. This feature, powered by AT&T CSO threat intelligence, adapts to the evolving risk landscape to continuously shield against zero-day attacks, botnets, and other threats.

• AT&T Enhanced Dynamic Defense Shield blocks up to 150,000 malicious IP addresses before they hit the customer’s network. Customers can add IPs to their blocklist and have visibility to all sites blocked by AT&T.

• NextGen firewall is a deep inspection firewall with granular security controls to mitigate security risks. Feature provides details relating to the configuration of IP blocking, web filtering, stateful firewall, and Geo-IP blocking. Administrators can configure common internet protocols and ports including but not limited to HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, and SSH.

• Geo IP Filtering feature is a powerful tool designed to enhance the security and protection of customer’s network infrastructure. It’s a vital layer in network defense that enables organizations to control access and limit malicious exposure by restricting or allowing traffic originating from specific geographical locations.

• Web filtering feature enables users to classify websites into predefined categories such as Social Networking, Gambling, Adult Content, etc. By categorizing websites, organizations can selectively allow or block access to specific categories based on their policies, plus can utilize allow and block lists for specific URL exceptions.

• Reporting provides critical information about cybersecurity threats, risks within the digital ecosystem, potential and existing gaps in security controls, and the overall performance of the security programs. Log files can be used to monitor the activity within the IT infrastructure, identify policy violations, pinpoint fraudulent and anomalous activity, and highlight security incidents.

• Version control feature provides a systematic management approach to update and revise cybersecurity policies for Web Filtering, Geo Filtering and Firewall policies.

How we are different

• AT&T Dynamic Defense is engineered for simplicity. The service was strategically designed to simplify the user networking experience with built-in security controls for a fraction of their connectivity costs. Customers, regardless of their size, can activate and deploy service in minutes with a single embedded solution with the AT&T Dedicated Internet service.

• AT&T provides a simplified user experience with an easy-to-use portal that allows customers to quickly make changes to their Allow Lists, add IP addresses to their blocklists, administer security controls and updates, and make updates to their policies and rollback to previous policies if needed.

• AT&T Dynamic Defense provides robust reporting and logging capabilities that aid in security analysis and can provide valuable insight into threats businesses face today. The reports show mitigated risks, intrusion attempts, and blocked IP addresses in a visual format.