AT&T Managed Security Services

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CompanyAT&T Cybersecurity
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
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Managing dozens of point security products is no simple task – they may create conflicting alerts and it’s expensive to both invest in the licensing of the tooling as well as the ongoing training required for staff. AT&T Cybersecurity offers technological expertise and helps defend businesses with an assortment of the latest cybersecurity tools and services for every environment through AT&T Managed Security Services.

AT&T Managed Security Services includes AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response, AT&T SASE with Fortinet, AT&T SASE with Palo Alto Networks, AT&T SASE with Cisco, AT&T Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne, and AT&T Managed XDR, helping organizations to better protect digital assets, systems, and users that power their businesses, safeguarding their brands and reputations. As the largest MSSP on the market, AT&T Cybersecurity brings over a century of experience in managing global networks and over 25 years of providing cyber defense services.

With AT&T Managed Security Services, there is no trade-off between executing innovative projects and meeting cybersecurity requirements. Consultants deliver strategic advisory services for enterprises to plan and implement secure-by-design initiatives for cutting-edge networking, cloud, Zero Trust, and IoT projects. With security top of mind through vulnerability and cyber risk assessment services, customers can attain cyber risk, compliance, and data privacy goals as well as achieve any ambitions for innovation.

Another big benefit is the curated, automatically updated threat intelligence provided by AT&T Alien Labs into the AT&T Unified Security Management (USM) platform, providing broader coverage of threats, increased efficiency in identifying/investigating potential breaches and faster time to mitigation. Threat intelligence is also aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework – with a dashboard showing alerts’ potential associations with TTPs in MITRE ATT&CK.

With experienced consultants, world-class managed security services, and global threat intelligence, AT&T Cybersecurity helps make it safer for organizations to innovate.

How we are different

● As the largest SD-WAN Managed Service Provider in North America, AT&T has a holistic understanding of what businesses need as they modernize and transform their networks, including the importance of security being a critical component of any business initiative. In addition to the people, process, and technology that are delivered through AT&T Managed Security Services spanning eight global SOCs, AT&T Cybersecurity delivers accountability with thorough communication and comprehensive reporting to clients along with coordinated responses with defined service level agreements on change requests.

● During the pandemic, AT&T Cybersecurity has helped customers persevere through the various disruptions caused by COVID-19 with its managed security services. Additionally, to maintain business continuity, AT&T Cybersecurity supported customers of its AT&T DDoS Defense service as well as non-subscribing customers with emergency mitigation services. In these instances, AT&T redirected the network of affected organizations to its scrubbing centers to block the malicious traffic, while letting legitimate transactions flow unimpeded, allowing business to resume without paying these inflated ransom demands.
● As one of the largest MSSPs in the world, AT&T Cybersecurity fosters strong relationships with leading security technology providers while incubating emerging innovators to provide best-in-class services. In 2021, AT&T was first to market with a global, managed SASE solution at scale. AT&T utilized strategic relationships with Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and Cisco to expand its portfolio of managed security services, offering new SASE solutions and providing a choice for customers of technologies to best meet their converged network and security needs. AT&T also worked closely with SentinelOne to launch a Managed Endpoint Security solution to address increasing endpoint security threats.