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CompanyAT&T Cybersecurity
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Type of solutionService


With AT&T SASE, enterprises enhance security, increase network performance, and reduce complexity and costs. As digital transformation continues to drive the convergence of networking and security, technology teams are faced with the challenges of managing and protecting increasingly complex networks as well as the connections that support them. As a result, security professionals are looking for a solution based on SASE principles that are suited to a distributed computing environment where employees, customers, and suppliers can have secure access to applications, data, and services anywhere.

AT&T was the first provider to offer a global managed SASE solution at scale, and most recently, AT&T expanded its SASE portfolio to include a new offering, AT&T SASE with Cisco. This offering is a converged network and security management solution that connects and protects enterprises with software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technology and includes expert policy design and configuration, and 24/7 network management. With AT&T SASE with Cisco, organizations can accelerate adoption of cloud-based applications through optimized, highly secure, and reliable digital experiences.

AT&T SASE enables the dynamic needs of today’s distributed workforce to deliver security-driven networking at every edge. The inclusion of around-the-clock management also helps relieve the burden of deployment and day-to-day support, acting as an extension to a business’ network and security teams. AT&T’s heritage in providing integrated business solutions with managed services, and its best-in-class fiber and 5G connectivity solutions, uniquely position the company to deliver on the promise of SASE. AT&T SASE solutions provide visibility and management for a more resilient network, making it safer for businesses to adapt and innovate.

How we are different

● With AT&T SASE’s combined networking and security technology and service expertise, the solutions offer a future-ready, unified solution through a single provider. AT&T SASE with Cisco provides flexibility to optimize the network on a site-by-site basis, and dynamically routes traffic across multiple wide area network connections. These capabilities, combined with unified security controls, help organizations reduce the time and cost to manage and scale new connections to meet business needs.
● With AT&T SASE, businesses can control access for any device, connecting from any network. This is critical as companies can access all of their data in one interface. The AT&T SASE with Cisco solution provides precise, identity-based permissions to validate the security posture of devices for all businesses.
● AT&T SASE with Cisco provides highly secure, direct access to the web and SaaS applications for the hybrid workforce. Performance optimization at the edge gives remote users a fast, reliable path to the cloud for better computing experiences.