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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Avatier’s Identity Anywhere is based on the Docker Swarm orchestration making it a portable, scalable and secure identity management solution. The benefits of leveraging container technologies are multifold. Companies can host identity management in any cloud platform or on-premise and can as well update their identity systems using DevOps. As such, with a small command, they can manage multiple Docker instances around the globe, which eliminates the need for a multiple-tenancy offering of identity management systems. By its design, the offering puts an end to ‘dual administration’ by authenticating native directories without redundant synchronization or replication of users, passwords or groups.Docker Swarm’s massive scalability feature is yet another advantage for companies enabling them to automatically spin up identity management server instances with the increase in users and API sessions. Furthermore, containerization eliminates data comingling, and from a security standpoint, Avatier also adds an extra layer of encryption to the data.

How we are different

Amazing Portability - Docker container allows us to run anywhere and, in any cloud.

Infinite Scalability - Docker Swarm automatically adds CPU, Disk or even more servers.

Maximum Security - We run on a secure-minified OS in a Docker Container. Our code is scanned for vulnerabilities during the build process.