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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

•Only the Awake Security Investigation Platform:
Fills the gap between where SIEM or other alert generation/management platforms leave off and remediation tools or playbooks are ready to pick up, giving security teams the ability to do analysis and make critical risk reducing decisions;
Uses network ground truth from full packet capture data that minimizes blind spots and integration challenges while automatically inferring roles and actions of devices and people, even when direct observability of the security asset is not possible;
Performs multi-stage behavioral analysis of security assets using reinforcement machine learning to surface notable assets and behaviors much like a human with expertise and time would, and
Provides a human friendly and highly responsive query experience that enables rapid, iterative investigations.

•While solving the security skills crisis by bringing more people into the fold is essential, Awake makes security professionals at any level more productive and less frustrated with existing toolsets and processes. Awake’s Security Knowledge Graph™, which is foundational to the Security Investigation Platform, lets analysts explore devices instead of IP addresses, people instead of packets, data instead of protocols and activities instead of sessions. This in turn allows security teams to use a single broad-based analytics solution to more easily detect, investigate and hunt for threats like insider attacks, corporate espionage, lateral movement and data exfiltration that are currently missed.

•Awakes Security Investigation platform also integrates with tools like SIEMs and resources like open source threat intelligence to optimize existing workflows. Awake facilitates collaboration as a mechanism to capture and share procedural knowledge making it ideal for both experienced and new analysts to rapidly, iteratively and conclusively investigate threats.

Brief Overview

Awake Security emerged from stealth in July 2017 and delivered the leading Security Investigation Platform. The platform builds on more than two years of R&D with over 200 enterprise security teams, tackling their biggest security challenges.

Awake Security is focused on improving organizational security by dramatically reducing the time it takes to accomplish everyday security operations tasks by automating the most onerous and frustrating parts of the process, facilitating effective collaboration across the team and improving productivity for everyone from the most junior analyst to the most experienced. Existing enterprise security tools are designed to detect and prevent threats, but provide scarce context to people tasked with investigating those threats. Newer orchestration solutions do not help in this regard either, focusing instead on automating response playbooks (formatting drives, updating firewall rules, creating service desk tickets, etc.). Organizations with investments in these areas experience an investigation gap between detection and response. The slow and inconclusive investigations that result, mean the clear majority of known critical threats never get investigated and proactive hunting for previously unknown threats is elusive for most organizations.

Awake’s Security Investigation Platform enables rapid, iterative and conclusive alert investigations and hunting by placing the context security teams need at their fingertips. The platform extracts often ignored signals from full packet capture data and then applies machine learning to automatically pre-correlate, profile and track security assets like devices, users and domains. Closing this investigation gap manually, if even possible, can take hours combing through dozens of data sources. The platform has been proven to improve productivity by 10x while helping to quickly uncover insider threats, corporate espionage, lateral movement, data exfiltration and other non-malware based threats that are often missed today.