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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Multi-factor authentication solutions are the best way to keep your business secure. But new employees are frequently given company devices before they’re issued credentials, and existing users often misplace/lose their credentials or let them expire. These employees then must circumvent their companies’ security policies to stay productive – in fact, 42% of remote employees admitted to going around their organization’s security policies to do their job. This puts the employee’s devices at risk, and in turn the company applications and data they are accessing.

Axiad Airlock allows your IT team to restrict their users’ access to the company’s full system and resources until users take specific company-assigned directives. Users regain full access to their company applications when they have fully complied to company policy. Your IT team can assign actions that employees must take before they regain full access – whether it’s activating a new device, updating a certificate, or taking a required security training. This ensures that employees use multi-factor authentication securely and don’t use workarounds to access their system.

Axiad Airlock lets you take control of your security policies and removes the need for circumventing MFA.

How we are different

- Drives MFA Best Practices: New security threats to remote workers are appearing every day, and company policies need to change frequently to keep up. Unfortunately, many companies find it difficult to keep their employees up to date with changes, and have not made security training a priority. Over 40% of companies have not provided training focused on remote work, and 32% of employees have received no training at all in the last six months. With Axiad Airlock, IT leaders can make training a priority and restrict employee access to company applications until they have taken necessary training or read company policy updates.

- Limits Data Breaches: Authentication issues cause 80% of security breaches, often because employees misplace their credentials or let them expire. They then reach out to IT for a one-time password, which hackers can intercept and use to access the company system. With Axiad Airlock, employees instead can still access their self help portal, and resolve their credential issues without a one-time password. This limits the opportunity for hackers to enter the system, saving company data from dangerous and costly breaches.

- Increases Productivity: When Axiad Airlock directs users to the self help portal, it not only prevents data breaches but also prevents a loss of productivity for end users and their IT team. Employees spend an average of 2 hours a week waiting for IT assistance, which could be time they’re focused on other projects. For help desk teams, credential issues take up over 40% of their time. However, since Axiad Airlock enables users to still access their portal instead of fully locking them out of their system when they have credential problems, employees no longer need IT’s support. They can be empowered to resolve their own issue and get back to work, and the IT.