Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Axiad delivers organization-wide passwordless orchestration to connect users and machines to data and applications from anywhere with a comprehensive, secure, and efficient SaaS authentication platform. Unlike many approaches that are done in silos across multiple authentication methods, identity types, use cases, and existing IAM systems, Axiad allows customers to move to a passwordless future without the friction and risk of fragmented solutions.

Axiad’s flagship platform, Axiad Cloud, is a comprehensive, secure, and efficient authentication platform that delivers on the promise of integrated authentication orchestration. It allows organizations to assimilate credentials, automate processes, authenticate uniformly, authorize consistently, and adapt to emerging threats efficiently, all from a single platform.

Axiad Cloud delivers on the promise of integrated authentication by supporting the widest range of credentials in the market, including FIDO, Windows Hello for Business, YubiKeys, smart cards, mobile MFA, TPM and biometrics, and more. It also can be applied in heterogeneous IT environments – e.g., organizations operating Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems or with multiple existing IAM systems in place – allowing organizations to remove gaps and inconsistencies in how they authenticate across complex ecosystems.

By delivering a complete and integrated solution, Axiad helps organizations systematically authenticate across all users, machines, and interactions, regardless of underlying IT complexity. This integrated approach helps organizations become more phishing resistant, prevent ransomware attacks/account takeovers, and take a critical step forward to implementing Zero Trust.

Axiad Cloud is trusted by government agencies and Fortune 500 companies across highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare, as well as aerospace & defense, oil & energy, retail, manufacturing and more, with deployments as large as 140,000 users. It is currently listed as the #1 provider of Passwordless Authentication solutions – as determined by customer reviews – on PeerSpot.

How we are different

• Holistic: Axiad allows customers to leverage a single platform to methodically and consistently authenticate all people, machine and interactions, regardless of underlying IT complexity. All entities are secured without using passwords or shared secrets so the authentication process is secure from end-to-end.

• Interoperable: Many organizations already have multiple IAM ecosystems in place (70 percent have three or more, per Axiad primary research), which deliver value but create silos that exacerbate a fragmented approach to authentication. Instead of ripping and replacing these IAM ecosystems to enhance authentication, Axiad Cloud integrates with these tools to deliver advanced authentication and phishing resistance to fortify existing investments.

• Efficient: Axiad replaces use of multiple tools for rollout, management, and support of authenticators and credentials. Supports a range of certificate request and delivery workflows. Airlock provides help desk automation by eliminating temporary passwords, automating administration, and enabling self-service credential management. MyCircle empowers self-service by enabling the workforce to issue department-level credential resets, thereby avoiding temporary passwords and increasing efficiency for IT and end users.