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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Axiad
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

- Comprehensive identity security: As credential management becomes increasingly important for cybersecurity, CISOs need to consider how their teams will manage all the entities on their network. All of the applications, systems, or devices on your network need to use credentials to authenticate and communicate securely. Axiad Cloud goes above and beyond traditional MFA to verify every person, device, and system in your ecosystem by combining multi-factor authentication and PKI. The platform also authenticates both privileged and non-privileged users with the same level of complete security, unlike competitors.

- Dedicated virtual private cloud: As cloud adoption increases, companies are trusting their data in shared platforms that come with high risk of data breaches. With Axiad Cloud, customers gain the benefits of a cloud solution without the worry of a mutualized system. Each platform is deployed in your own dedicated virtual private cloud, so Axiad Cloud operates as a secure extension of your network. There’s no commingling of data, and all cryptographic materials are stored in a FIPS-certified, cloud-based hardware security module.

- User-driven, consolidated management: Issuing and managing the lifecycles of credentials is often complex for employees. This often leads to frustration and requires employees to reach out to IT for help. Over 40% of help desk calls are related to credential issues. Axiad Cloud eliminates the need for these help desk calls. Instead, employees can manage all their credentials in one user portal and issue a new credential in seconds. This simplified process improves the employee experience and allows IT to focus on other projects.

Brief Overview

IT leaders have to manage cybersecurity risks, compliance, and operational efficiency for their workforce, partners, and customers. Achieving security has become increasingly complex in today’s digital environment, especially credential management. While there are a few credentials that claim to tackle various use cases, they all fall short when it comes to organizations that require higher levels of assurance and security for specific teams, roles and employees. With various credentials adopted for users, devices, systems, and apps, most companies rely on a fragmented set of solutions to manage them. Each of these offer complex lifecycle management, which reduces productivity for IT teams and employees.

Businesses can simplify their credential management with the Axiad Cloud platform. This integrated and agile platform manages the various set of credentials you need to protect your organization in one platform. Utilizing multi-factor authentication and PKI, Axiad Cloud goes beyond traditional MFA to protect your most sensitive data and help safeguard your network. You can achieve comprehensive identity security without unnecessary complexity or stretching resources.

Axiad Cloud easily plugs into your existing IAM infrastructure, which leverages the strengths of your current identity security solutions, while addressing its shortcomings. By consolidating all of your credentials into one platform, and addressing the use cases where the highest levels of security are required (like FIPS, CMMC, and NIST SP800-171), we provide the simplest, most secure way to ensure identity security.

Most credential management solutions require you to sacrifice security for ease of use. Instead we’ve built a single platform to save the end users, help desk, and IT team time and effort, while maintaining MFA protocols at every step.