Axiado Corporation

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Axiado is a fabless semiconductor company founded in San José, California, in 2017. The company is revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry with hardware-enabled, AI-driven security technologies like Secure Vault™. Its full-stack Zero Attack Paths (ZAP™) solution features a Secure AI™ engine, secure memory controllers, and unique key management units. Axiado’s products protect sensitive data from the attack vulnerabilities found in current processors and ensure security for every system.

Axiado’s target market device and firmware security have a dire need for hardware-centric protection both on the cloud- and on the device side. All present solutions rely on the hardware root of trust that is proven to be highly vulnerable. Adding any internal solutions on the broken RoT is like adding more preventive equipment inside a fire station that has already caught on fire.

While the current solutions are only able to react after an attack, Axiado’s solution protects system integrity proactively by monitoring and learning the system behavior.
Axiado is led by an industry veteran Gopi Sirineni (e.g., Qualcomm, Marvell) who has a long track record of bringing industry-changing technologies from an idea to a market leader position in semiconductors, software and systems.

How we are different

While the phrase "Hardware Root-of-Trust" has reached buzzword status in the cybersecurity industry, actual implementations fall short of maintaining the chain of trust down to the root hardware. All existing implementations eventually hand off the chain of trust to software at which point the trust can be compromised. Axiado's patent-pending technology maintains the hardware root-of-trust, providing the most secure protection in the industry.

Traditional rule-based threat mitigation can only defend against known attacks. By the time another attack is identified, and the rules are updated, the damage by such an attack may already have been done. Axiado offers the market's first hardware AI-based threat evaluation and mitigation. This technology "learns" the normal behaviors on one's platform and identifies anomalies that may indicate the presence of an attack that the rules miss. This AI is used to detect aberrations in I/Os such as network and peripheral traffic as well as physical side-channel attacks against devices on the platform such as voltage, clock and temperature irregularities.

Axiado's roadmap implements these technologies in a wide range of silicon offerings to address all markets that require cyberthreat protection. While network servers immediately come to mind, personal devices such as laptops, cell phones and tablets are susceptible to such attacks. Cellular network base stations, Industrial IoT systems and network appliances such as cable set-top boxes are also open to attacks. This list can keep growing and Axiado's roadmap grows with it, offering different form factors, feature sets and power profiles to meet the needs of each of these markets.