AZT PROTECT from ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions

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CompanyARIA Cybersecurity Solutions
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


ARIA Cybersecurity has identified that operational technology (OT) environments are at risk from a new wave of cyberattacks that are causing widespread havoc across sectors such as manufacturing, utilities, and logistics. Even the nation’s critical infrastructure – such as electrical grids and gas pipelines – is at risk from this new style of attack, which has seen organized crime groups harness the power of AI to deploy highly sophisticated cyberattacks that are increasing in frequency and severity. Modern next-generation anti-virus (NGAV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions – designed for IT rather than OT – are failing to protect OT environments from these attacks.

Anticipating this dangerous new front in the battle against organized cybercrime, ARIA Cybersecurity developed a novel new approach to OT cybersecurity that is custom-built for OT environments: AZT PROTECT. This breakthrough solution is proven to protect against the most advanced zero-day and supply chain attacks, including those that the leading cloud-based NGAV and EDR solutions are missing.

AZT PROTECT is being deployed in industrial settings that use OT to manage physical infrastructure supporting functions such as R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. For example, it was recently deployed by one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers to protect their global production facilities. It is even being deployed by a major Western intelligence agency to protect critical intelligence gathering and analysis operations from cyberattacks.

This first-of-its-kind solution represents a leap forward in the evolution of OT cybersecurity. It is already playing a major role in protecting both the public and private sectors from the growing OT cybersecurity threat posed by hostile nation-states, terrorism, and organized cybercrime.

Key Capabilities / Features

Launched in July 2023, AZT PROTECT is a fully automated solution that comprehensively secures OT endpoints against all threats – both known and unknown – using real-time monitoring and immediate threat mitigation without relying on centralized cloud updates. It reduces application vulnerability exploits to near zero by neutralizing threats in real time before they cause harm, using a revolutionary AI-driven patented technique for analyzing executable code, scripts, and processes.

AZT PROTECT instantly blocks any code that has a different digital pattern and memory footprint from the original source without the need for sending and receiving data from a third-party cloud. This stops all attacks immediately as they try to execute on a protected endpoint, lowering the risk of a security vulnerability exploit on devices and applications to near zero without the need for constant security patching.

The AZT lightweight agent is deployed on endpoints to constantly monitor for and prevent application modifications or changes in execution without the need for resource-intensive behavior analysis that risks producing false positives and shutting down production applications unnecessarily. An AI engine also detects and prevents attempted injections and other forms of modification that can fool even the best application control products.
The objective is to proactively stop attacks before they cause damage rather than reactively identifying a threat and wasting critical time waiting for a remedy, as currently happens with today’s cloud-based defenses. AZT PROTECT protects the entire OT device infrastructure, including all critical IT applications, no matter their location, surpassing anything else available today.

How we are different

• Leading NGAV and EDR cybersecurity solutions – carried over from the IT world – are failing to protect companies with critical infrastructure from a new era of cybersecurity attacks targeting OT environments. AZT was therefore custom-built to protect critical infrastructure systems from any cyberattack that tries to execute on OT devices or targets OT application vulnerabilities.
• AZT PROTECT is an AI-driven solution that comprehensively secures OT endpoints against a wide range of threats – both known and unknown – using real-time monitoring and immediate attack blocking without relying on centralized cloud updates. It remains effective in air-gapped environments and supports the legacy equipment typically seen in OT environments, including OS platforms that have been unsupported for many years.
• Unlike current cloud-based protection approaches, which require continuous updates and fine-tuning, AZT PROTECT works straight out of the box, requiring no specialist cybersecurity staff, training, or expertise. It is also designed to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent insurance and regulatory requirements.