Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Banyan Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

Banyan Security developed the only zero-trust platform solution that uses control points located in the same environment, and the same server, as the resource protected. This guarantees a direct access path, puts the data plane in control of the customer, and eliminates third-party man-in-the-middle choke points. Other key factors and features that make the Banyan Zero Trust Remote Access Platform deserving of this award include:

 Trust Scoring framework. A 100-point scale that takes into account trust in the user, trust in their device, and their privilege in accessing each specific application or data source – a security “credit score” that enables selective access to applications.

 A Distributed Access Tier. A distributed architecture of controls placed close to the protected data that provide direct access, without going through 3 rd party clouds, so that the company always has control of its own data.

 Continuous Authorization using the Cloud Command Center. Policy management that provides a high-level overview with trust scores for all devices and users. This is a SaaS platform that lets organizations write policies that generate trust tokens and certificates for continuous authorization.

Brief Overview

Current security models were created when everyone that needed access to business applications came to the office, so once inside the trusted network, it was assumed you were safe. This includes the traditional VPN. VPN technology arrived 20 years ago to expand trusted networks by connecting offices into a unified network. Eventually, the technology supported a small percentage of users with remote access needs. Today, corporate data and applications are moving to the Cloud, separate from the trusted network. Employees and contractors are mobile, spending more time outside the corporate walls. VPN supported demand for remote and third-party workers, but was never designed to support the majority, and grants broad access to an entire network versus a specific resource.

Banyan Security provides a secure way to access business applications and data without adding complexity for employees or IT. For companies that have embraced the cloud, nearly all work is “remote work” but secure access is still focused on an internal office network model. Banyan Security reimagines access by assigning a trust score to each request that grants and monitors access based on trusted users, devices, and privilege.

The secure remote access solution is built on the zero-trust security model and leverages the implementation strategies of Google’s BeyondCorp, while expanding to support all employees and third parties accessing all applications, servers and data needed to be productive, regardless of whether it’s hybrid, multi-cloud, or SaaS.

Software developers, DevOps, and customer success engineers need access to test, staging, and production environments, as well as access to remote servers and databases. Version 2.62 introduced features for remote access to engineering-related resources, including secure access to services including the Kubernetes API server and database access, and, advanced web app access for applications hosted on-prem, in public clouds like AWS or Azure, or SaaS applications.