Bayshore IT/OT Gateway

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Bayshore Networks
Company size (employees)>100
Type of solutionSoftware

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Our customers tell us the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway has three significant market advantages beyond security:
1. Visibility
By deploying at the IT/OT convergence point, the Gateway captures all network flows, providing a complete security picture. It is able to provide IT departments with unprecedented visibility into and control of their OT environments. Simultaneously, it provides OT departments with access to IT applications such as advanced analytics, which were previously not accessible.
2. Control
The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway provides extremely granular content inspection at Layers 3, 4 and 7, which is necessary for OT control, OT content filtering, network segmentation, and machine isolation. It can filter OT traffic to identify the actual machine operations commands and transaction values.
3. Scalability
The Bayshore policy language is state-of-the-art. It is XML-based for easy extensibility, which enables it to quickly adapt to any proprietary protocol in an IT or OT environment. Bayshore offers an expanding library of policies for security, operations, safety and compliance.
Because there will be tens of billions of connected devices by 2020, M2M communications in the IoT will require a massively scalable cybersecurity platform. Today’s IT perimeter-based security platforms, which were designed for enterprise computing and not machine communications, will not scale.
The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ was designed from the ground-up to protect OT machines in converged IT/OT environments. With its extensive domain knowledge of industrial protocols and applications, Bayshore protects industrial machines, machine transactions, and machine users.

Brief Overview

Operational Technology (OT) environments in Fortune 2000 industrial companies are exposed, vulnerable and unprotected from cyber attacks. This vulnerability is a result of the convergence of IT and OT environments – i.e., the integration of the Internet, computers, and Wi-Fi access points into industrial networks.
Compounding the problem is that fact that the machine-connected OT world is very different from the IT world, and therefore requires a new approach to security. For example, today’s IT platforms provide perimeter-based security via methods such as signature and app ID, which are not appropriate for protecting OT machines, industrial protocols and applications.
The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway is a software product that can be provisioned from the cloud or deployed on premises as a virtual machine, minimizing cost of ownership. By providing global, centrally managed IT/OT operational visibility, Bayshore’s content-aware cybersecurity policy engine enables benefits for the industrial enterprise:
– Industrial cybersecurity: Prevention of attacks on production zones.
– Operational efficiency: Availability/uptime/cost efficiency of manufacturing automation processes, robotics, etc.
– Plant safety: Creation and execution of safety policies for production zones.
The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ protects operational technology (OT) machines in vertical markets such as:
– Manufacturing, where it protects robots, PLCs, and production machinery,
– Energy, where it protects power substations and power distribution equipment,
– Smart Cities, where it protects utilities such as municipal water and electric, and building automation systems.