Befine Solutions AG – The Cryptshare Company

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1. Befine Solutions AG – the Cryptshare company believes in the best ideas. Our culture of communication goes all directions: left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top – what counts is the idea. Its uniqueness, level of innovation and potential to achieve a strong ROI matter to us. We are convinced that the secure transfer of digital communication no longer lies in the exchange of public keys and certificates but in the most direct route using one-time passwords for each transaction - ad-hoc and easy.
2. Befine Solutions develops Cryptshare to provide a secure means of transport and to resolve file size limits at the same time. Our solution is simple and intuitive and helps companies to stay in control of their data streams and be compliant. We use the well-known, widely accepted and established standard e-mail and build our product around it.
3. Befine Solutions develops Cryptshare for all industries and gives companies the opportunity to use one technology for many use cases such as transferring large files, exchanging confidential information or executing batch processes such as payroll or scheduled tasks like sending out customer invoices and many others. Legacy systems can be substituted by Cryptshare and savings can be made. Customers who profit from the broad variety of features of our solution and its competitive price model are among others: Thyssen-Krupp-AG, Herrenknecht, Testo, Yamaha Motor Europe, Cornwall Council.
We believe we can revolutionise the digital security for generations to come when every company implements our solution.

Brief Overview

Befine Solutions AG – the Cryptshare company was founded in 2000, a specialist software developer working on behalf of blue chip corporate clients. Over the years, a number of solutions developed for one client were found to be useful to others with modest changes or simple customisation. This allowed us to meet requirements of many clients by utilising re-usable, stable, scalable and effective solutions to complex problems. Our software solution Cryptshare enables you to share e-mails and files of any size securely in an ad-hoc way with a detailed audit trail and a strong ROI. It was shipped to first customers in 2007 immediately leading to requests from others to buy a licence. The problems of the ad-hoc exchange of large files and securing e-mail were quickly identified as a more universal problem in large and small companies across all industries. Feedback from the market and a strong belief in the team helped define a product roadmap specifying the additional features required by this now fast growing group of customers. Ease of use, strong encryption, frequent updating, sophisticated management, configuration and policy control tools and the ability to communicate with other applications via a simple API and much more have been added, with patents pending for key innovations. Customer numbers have grown rapidly since 2010 with resellers appointed in many countries enabling sales to accelerate quickly. Investment in the team has allowed more specialised development of the roadmap, greater technical support and dedicated product management as well as much more sales and marketing activity with customers in 30 countries, and more than 2.5 million licenced users so far. In April 2017, we founded a subsidiary of Befine Solutions in the US. We expect to grow considerably in the American as well as in the European market in the next few years.