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Companysolutions by stc
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionService


The Solutions SOC team operates tirelessly, providing 24/7/365 support with a focus on Monitoring, Threat Hunting, Infrastructure Onboarding, and Visibility for our esteemed clients in KSA. Our vision is to pioneer proactive defensive measures, a goal toward which we are steadily progressing. By employing advanced behavioral analytics, we aim to reduce the time required to detect threats significantly, ensuring a robust security posture.
We specialize in delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service, with a strong emphasis on virtualization and cloud services. This specialization allows us to face and adapt to a wide array of challenges daily, crafting customized solutions for each scenario. By adhering to the SOC-CMM model, we ensure our operations align with the highest industry standards for SOC maturity, maintaining excellence in our practices.
Our operational strategy prioritizes alert prioritization and effective log management, which are critical for timely and effective threat responses. Through our commitment to data-driven analysis, we continuously fine-tune our security monitoring protocols, enhance alerting tools, and effectively identify and address vulnerabilities. This meticulous approach significantly contributes to our enhanced patching regimes and the overall strengthening of our cybersecurity measures.

Key Capabilities / Features

• We regularly advise on security device configurations and policies to ensure our security infrastructure is robust and capable of handling evolving threats.
• We maintain a vigilant approach to environmental security, consistently identifying and addressing gaps and vulnerabilities as part of our proactive defense strategy.
• Frequent simulated attacks are orchestrated to test our SOC’s readiness, ensuring that all new threats are identified and addressed promptly, with new correlation searches developed to prioritize emerging threats.

How we are different

• We are relentless in our efforts to keep our deployed SIEM solution at the cutting edge, regularly updating and configuring the latest updates and plugins to sharpen threat detection and reduce response times.
• Our analysts undergo continuous training provided by highly certified professionals, enhancing their skills in handling new threats daily and escalating them with comprehensive analysis.
• We have initiated new processes to proactively highlight and mitigate potential risks and threats that were previously not addressed, significantly strengthening our security framework.
• Regular threat-hunting activities are conducted to ensure ongoing visibility into behavioral analytics and trend analysis, which are crucial for ensuring smooth and uninterrupted business operations.