Best Cybersecurity Startup – Cloudbric

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionAsia


Korea and the APAC region. Cloudbric now services more than 10,000 partners and clients across our 28 dedicated regions around the globe. As a managed security service provider, Cloudbric ensures safe and secure web connections for businesses in every vertical: commerce, finance, education, government, healthcare, and communications.

Product : Cloudbric WAF+
Cloudbric WAF+: Cloud-based All-in-One Security Platform Cloudbric WAF+ is a fully managed security solution for any company or organization with a website. Regardless of the amount of traffic your website generates, any website can be targeted by cyberattacks. As long as the website is connected to the internet, cybersecurity must be a priority.

Cloudbric provides enterprise-grade managed cybersecurity at an affordable price.

Cloudbric managed web security is the most comprehensive cybersecurity solution against web threats such as injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and even DDoS attacks. The advanced logic-based detection engine utilizes semantic and heuristic analysis in addition to the traditional pattern matching techniques to detect known, unknown, and modified web attacks with industry-leading accuracy.

VISION, Cloudbric’s patented deep learning artificial intelligence monitors and analyzes all threat data that passes through the detection engine, re-applying its results to achieve an even lower false-positive rate. The core rulesets are fully automated and easy to use i.e. no need for frequent signature updates or complicated configuration of security policies.

Cloudbric web security comes standard with SSL certificates to ensure end-to-end encryption on all traffic as well as DDoS protection up to 40 Gbps. (Advanced DDoS protection options to countermeasure larger attacks up to 65 Tbps available as an add-on feature.) Our fully-managed SECaaS (security-as-a-service) protects websites and web applications servers is the most effective zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats (APTs) in a fully automized setting.

How we are different

1. All Inclusive fully managed SECaaS (security-as-a-service):
Traditionally, maintaining an up-to-date web security offering requires a lot of resources. As new attack patterns emerge, security companies invest a lot of resources to continuously monitor and update scripts to counter these patterns.

Easy to use for small businesses to larger enterprises, hosting companies with existing end-clients, and MSSPs with SOC. All-in-one, turn-key web security including ruleset optimization, system monitoring, SSL (TLS) certificates, standard DDoS protection, 24x7x365 tech support, etc. Hence, the logic-based engine requires zero technical security expertise by clients.
Cloudbric WAF+ comes standard with WAF, DDoS protection up to 40Gbps and SSL/TLS encryption that is automatically renewed.
This WAF+ package is fully managed requiring no technical involvement from client at an extremely competitive price.

2. Industry Leading Accuracy:
Patented logic engine with heuristic and semantic analysis to detect based on intent + in-house developed deep learning A.I. module to validate log for lower false-positive rate. The logic engine boasts industry-leading accuracy (as verified by the wizlynx group penetration testing) and does not require frequent pattern updates to keep performance level. CNN-based A.I. engine provides an additional validation layer and improves with client-specific attack data.
By using its proprietary logic-based technology, coupled with the AI engine, the amount of resources required by Cloudbric to maintain its web security is significantly less, enabling it to competitively price its products.

3. Easy of use:
Intuitive user interface with tiered dashboard for high-level partners and direct end customers (i.e. multi-tenancy support). Simple dashboard with daily, monthly attack and traffic tracking and one-click settings.
Ability to integrate with existing solution, provide reports when required, and infrastructure agnostic.
Cloudbric can install its solution on virtually all infrastructures. This flexibility enables clients to choose the most cost-efficient infrastructure to suit their needs.