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BETTER Mobile Threat Defense proactively and predictively protects BYO and corporate-owned iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices (managed and unmanaged devices) from the full range of mobile threats. You can dynamically detect and remediate known and unknown mobile vulnerabilities including malware, network, and OS-level threats.

Malware appears innocent enough. End users download it like any other app or open a PDF. Then it runs in the background, making audio or video recordings or accessing your cloud apps, data and other services. BETTER uses a multi-layered approach to detect malware. Signatures, behavior, static/dynamic analysis, source origin, structure, permissions, blacklists all provide clues that the app is malicious.

Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) attacks can hijack a session. Occurring when the mobile device connects to a rogue Wi-Fi hotspot, MiTM attacks can steal credentials, deliver a targeted exploit, or take control of the device. BETTER’s deep machine learning technology detects risks while on-device remediation isolates the user’s communication from the compromised network.

OS-based attacks take advantage of weaknesses in the OS or in pre-installed software to expose user passwords, encryption keys, or other private data—or even wipe the handset and eavesdrop on calls. Indeed, 30% of devices are running an out of date OS with severe vulnerabilities. BETTER research teams work tirelessly to keep ahead of these attacks and deliver the most comprehensive protection.

How we are different

• We are a viable solution, in an exploding market, and have unique capabilities that make us stand-out.

• When demonstrated, our software is viewed as an innovative product that current IT infrastructures lack, but need to adopt.

• We supercharge and add value to MDM by providing real time intelligence and continuous visibility into any mobile attack.