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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


BigID’s AI Remediation Recommendations equip security teams with intelligent recommendations to swiftly and decisively respond to their biggest data risks, from dealing with insider threats to elevating their data security posture management. Organizations are armed with actionable recommendations that help increase security posture, enable security teams to make the right decisions based on the data, and mitigate the risk of manual errors and disruptions.

Other benefits include:
–Organizations will automatically get immediate, informed guidance when addressing critical data risks to accelerate remediation and reduce the window of vulnerability.
–Security teams can leverage in-app recommendations on the most optimal course of action based on the context of the data, including sensitivity, location, accessibility, and past actions.
–Teams will also be able to pinpoint the right steps to reduce data risks promptly, minimizing the guesswork and mitigating human error to prevent disruption and maintain business continuity.

Key Capabilities / Features

--Enhance Your Visibility: Easily identify who has access to sensitive, personal, regulated, and critical information, to get transparency into unwanted exposure.
--Shrink Your Attack Surface: Actively pinpoint excessive access, carry out remediation, and markedly shrink the potential attack surface from a bad actor.
--Enable Security To Work Efficiently: Simplify the process of understanding who’s accessing sensitive data and empower your security teams to quickly respond to exposure.
--Meet AI Compliance: Effectively carry out access governance and controls around AI training data to meet regulatory compliance requirements.
--Achieve Zero Trust: Layer in a data-centric strategy to Zero Trust by pinpointing sensitive data internally and externally accessible to unwanted parties and actively reducing exposure.
--Mitigate Insider Risk: Understand unauthorized internal exposure, access, and use of sensitive data and kick remediation against it.
--Reduce the Chance of a Breach: Reduce the chance of the breach by closing the gap between detection and response around excessive access or overexposed data.

How we are different

This innovative product simplifies the data risk remediation process significantly, enhancing an organization’s security team’s ability to bridge the gap between insights and action.

In addition to minimizing the time needed to identify risks, the recommendations provided will allow customers to:
--Accelerate SecOps by closing the gap between insight and action by automatically receiving recommended data risk remediation guidance.
--Enhance remediation decision-making across entire data environments with guidance based on data context, such as sensitivity, location, accessibility, and past actions.
--Mitigate disruption by pinpointing the right steps to reduce data risks promptly, minimizing guesswork and human error to prevent disruption and maintain operations.