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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


BigID is a 2016 founded company looking to transform how companies protect and govern personal data. BigID is the first data security company that helps organizations get insight into what and who’s data they collect and process. Using BigID organizations can more accurately identify and inventory personal data across any data store, application or cloud to meet emerging business and regulatory needs like GDPR.

Additional Information

- first of its kind data discovery technology that leverages smart identity correlation to not just classify data but also inventory data by person, residency, application, essential for meeting GDPR requirements like Subject Access Rights

- first data intelligence platform that can cross-correlate found data with other data information like consent, access and purpose-of-use to give a complete view of the data and its usage

- first data protection and privacy technology that automates key GDPR requirements like subject access rights, article 30 record keeping, consent and breach identification.