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Company size (employees)100 - 499


With the rise of enterprise cloud applications and growing mobile adoption, IT managers are turning to new solutions that protect data beyond the network perimeter. Bitglass is the leading real-time Cloud Access Security Broker, enabling enterprises to securely adopt cloud and mobile.

Bitglass’ end-to-end solution protects data in the cloud and on any device without invasive agents or certs. This agentless approach to data security is uniquely suited to the new data reality, where employees are able to access corporate information in potentially risky contexts.

The Bitglass solution was also built to be easy for IT and employees to deploy and use. Features like selective wipe and disk encryption ensure that IT leaders have the same security capabilities as with MDM, but without the privacy and user experience drawbacks of cumbersome agents.

How we are different

Bitglass is the leading real-time Cloud Access Security Broker. Some CASBs take an API-only approach, a solution that can only surface risky behavior after it happens. The Bitglass solution leverages a hybrid approach that protects data-at-rest with API-based controls and data in transit with multi-protocol proxies.

Bitglass' agentless mobile security solution offers the same security benefits of an MDM without the privacy or user experience drawbacks of these cumbersome solutions.

With a resilient cloud encryption product, Bitglass enables organizations in heavily regulated industries, like financial services, to protect data-at-rest in the cloud with full-strength 256-bit AES without losing any core application functionality.