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Bitglass offers the only complete cloud security solution, helping organizations fill critical security and compliance gaps as they migrate to public cloud applications like Box, Salesforce, and Office 365. With API controls, forward-proxy, and reverse-proxy modes, Bitglass offers comprehensive protection across all devices and cloud apps. This hybrid architecture, in use across hundreds of organizations in every major vertical, delivers unmatched functionality, including full-strength, searchable cloud encryption, agentless mobile data protection, contextual access control, encryption, file tracking, and more.

How we are different

-Only the Bitglass hybrid architecture protects data in the cloud, at access, in the network, and on any device.

-Bitglass offers comprehensive security in a single package with integrated identity management, API controls, and contextual DLP all part of the Bitglass solution.

-Bitglass’ agentless mobile solution enables secure BYOD while respecting user privacy.