BitNinja Security

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Our mission is to make the internet a safer place. BitNinja ServerProtection is a multi-layered security system for web hosting providers. It blocks server attacks at any threat level automatically and makes the troubleshooting of all security incidents easier via a self-service console. We make our clients’ security faster and smarter by hardening the usual security arsenal (WAF, maldet) with an intelligent defense network. We have a real-time IP reputation system against botnets, WAF against web attacks, log analysis against brute force attacks, honeypots against scans, malware detection, and DoS detection.

We have more than 27 000 installs from 80 different countries around the world, and we defend 4.5 million websites. Thanks to our crowdsourcing method, our real-time IP reputation system has historical information about 100+ million IP addresses in its database. Our Source Code Structure Analysis technique is unique on the market. Its malware signature database uses the same crowdsourcing method as our IP reputation system, and it already has more than 18 000 global blacklisted malware signatures.

How we are different

BitNinja Log Analysis is only one part of the syncronised module set that covers any stages of a cyberattack. After the BitNinja agent is installed, the Log Analysis module automatically recognizes the most common log files on the user's server and starts to analyze them in an efficient and resource-friendly way. This module will immediately block brute force attacks as well as many other attack types including SQL injection, directory traversal, spamming attempts, WordPress user enumeration attack, reflective DDoS via xmlrpc.php, and more.
BitNinja Log Analysis doesn’t require configuration and runs silently in the background, monitoring for malicious IP addresses. When this module detects a malicious IP, it is automatically greylisted by our real-time IP Reputation module. We constantly update our IP rules and continuously monitor log files, ensuring you always have the latest protection on your server.
* BitNinja uses the most effective technologies (Auditd, Aho-Corasick algorithm) for checking the log file changes and pattern matching.
* All incidents generated by the newly added rules will be applied in test mode first. Then, BitNinja carefully analyzes them to ensure a low false positive rate.
* New log files and rule types are constantly added to the BitNinja Log Analysis module for auto-detecting.